The Celebrities Who Love Jim Carrey’s Paintings (And A Few Who Really Don’t)

Jim Carrey has been dabbling in art and painting for years now, ever since his first time exhibiting a painting at a gallery in Palm Springs in 2011. In 2016 a mini-documentary showcasing Jim Carrey’s new and extensive body of artwork went viral. Since then, Carrey has continued to paint and draw regularly, sometimes getting very spiritual or very political in his work.

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Carrey announced he planned to retire from acting after the release of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 so he could relax and focus on art. Carrey continues to paint, and he has earned several big-name fans of his art, he has also attracted some harsh critics. One Italian politician was enraged by one of Jim Carrey’s more political pieces, and it led to a classic celebrity Twitter feud in 2019.

8 Donald Trump Supporters Are Not Fans

Before acknowledging the fans of Carrey’s art, it should be noted that Carrey is not popular with a very specific demographic: Trump supporters. During the presidency of Donald Trump, Jim Carrey regularly made political pieces, all of which were anti-Trump. Trump, who has never been cordial with his critics, is always depicted as either hideous, monstrous, or evil (or all three things) in Carrey’s paintings. Many supporters of Trump came after Carrey after he painted an unflattering portrait of former first lady Melania Trump, calling the piece hypocritical and sexist.


7 Neither Is Alessandra Mussolini

But what was more intense was the back and forth Jim Carey had with the daughter of the dead Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. Mussolini was killed by his people for his repressive regime after he had lost WWII for Italy. His granddaughter, Alessandra Mussolini, is still very active in far-right Italian politics. Carrey, who often accused Donald Trump of fascism, drew a picture of Mussolini’s corpse when it was hung upside down for the Italian people to mock and spit at. When he posted the picture, Mussolini said “You are a b*stard.” Carrey said the Italian politician was “defending evil” and refused to apologize for the picture. The two ended up in a major Twitter war that lasted for days. In 2022, Carrey announced he was taking a break from his political artwork.

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6 Carrey Claims Several Athletes Love His Work

In an interview with W, Carrey said “I don’t really want to give people’s names, but I have a lot of big athletes come through [to my house] that want to see certain things, whatever inspires them.” Vulture magazine conjectured who some of those athletes might be. However, one NBA champion is a vocal fan and will be mentioned in full detail shortly.

5 Russell Westbrook (Allegedly)

Vulture conjectured that some of Carrey’s athlete fans might be San Diego Charger Von Miller, who is notoriously eccentric and a bit of an art collector, and heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson. Although, Tyson was suggested as a joke by the magazine so there is no evidence to prove he is a fan of Carrey’s art. One name mentioned by Vulture makes sense though: Russell Westbrook. Westbrook is famous for rubbing elbows with other famous stars, and it would not be out of character for him to be a patron of an actor turned painter.

4 David Bushell

Director Bushell is obviously a fan of Carrey’s work because he is the one who told the world about it. Bushell directed Jim Carrey: I Needed Color, the viral mini-documentary that revealed Carrey’s talent to the world. Whether or not he owns a Jim Carrey original is unknown.

3 Chyler Leigh

When Jim Carrey: I Needed Color went viral, the Supergirl star was one of the first to tweet high praises of the actor’s art. “I want one,” was just one of the compliments the TV star gave to Carrey. Whether or not she ever picked one up is unknown, but she is definitely a fan.

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2 Brett Dier

This star from Jane The Virgin also tweeted praise for Jim Carrey’s work when the mini-doc started making rounds online. He is also a fan of Jim Carrey’s acting, and in one Instagram post, Dier said that Carrey’s show Kidding made him poop his pants in public because he laughed so hard. Gross, but flattering.

1 Lebron James

As mentioned above, Carrey hinted that he has some fans who are very famous athletes. One of those, and this is a proven fact, is Lebron James. James was one of the first and one of the most high-profile fans to compliment Carrey. He is arguably the most famous person and was one of the first to sing praises of Carrey’s art when the documentary came out. Lebron immediately asked Jim Carey when he could get one of his paintings and the actor invited Lebron over to his house via Tweet. When Carrey said he had high-profile athletes coming to his house to check out his paintings, he was most likely referring to the NBA champ. Lebron is said to own at least one of Jim Carrey’s originals. It should be noted Lebron is a fairly prominent art collector and owns pieces made by several other well-known artists.

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