The Best ‘Dungeons And Dragons’ Podcasts

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Dungeons and Dragons is a popular tabletop game that’s played by both fans and celebrities alike. Players are dragged into this fantasy world filled with action, adventure, and combat using only their imaginations and skills to save the day from dragons, monsters, evil tyrants, etc.

And since DnD is mostly imaginative, podcasts of people playing or discussing the game are slowly on the rise. Content creators find unique ways to engage the listener with their stories of adventure and veterans sharing their experiences with others in hopes to inspire aspiring players and dungeon masters.

Out of all the tabletop roleplaying podcasts that exist, here are the top 5 picks that are worth listening to.

5. Dragon Talk

Dragon Talk is a DnD podcast by the official Dungeon and Dragons team from Wizards of the Coast. The podcast contains exclusive interviews with the DnD team and notable people in the community, as well as provides updates on future DnD products. It’s a good podcast to listen to if you’re into knowing the insides of Dungeons and Dragons as a brand and a business beyond being just a tabletop game.

4. Arcane Lounge

Arcane Lounge is a DnD podcast hosted by YouTuber XP to Level 3 and his partner Spencer. This podcast is more about the community and fan-related aspects of the tabletop game, as well as interviews from other DnD YouTubers. We get to hear other ideas and perspectives of the game that they might not have thought of and how they’d run it in their games. It’s a podcast worth listening to if you’re interested in hearing your favorite YouTuber’s thoughts and seeing the community side of the DnD scene.

3. BomBarded

BomBarded is a DnD podcast filled with both adventure and music. Unlike other DnD podcasts that are just people sitting down and playing the game, this one is treated like a musical. The players in this Dungeons and Dragon podcast are actual musicians who played tabletop roleplaying games outside of their tour. Each of their characters is a multiclass hero with bardic abilities so expect singing and music alongside this crazy adventure.

2. Dungeons and Daddies

Dungeons and Daddies is a DnD podcast filled with dads who were transported to a high fantasy world to save their sons. Expect dad puns and dad-like interactions in a fun game of DnD. It’s fun, wholesome, and showcased how you don’t have to be a buff or idealistic version of yourself. You can just be a wholesome adult who wants to be reunited with your kids. But despite the family theme, the podcast has adult and mature humor and mentions darker topics such as drugs, alcohol, and violence.

1. Critical Role

Critical Role is a DnD podcast and live stream starring well-known voice actors and is one of the most popular Dungeons and Dragons shows out there. The show even has its own animated cartoon series after a successful Kickstarter campaign on Amazon Prime. The show is highly produced with interesting stories and characters that viewers become attached to. Each episode lasts at least 3 to 4 hours and has hundreds of episodes, spanning three seasons with different campaigns set in the same world created by Game Master Matt Mercer. It’s such an amazing show and worth watching if you’re interested to know what DnD between a close group of friends is like.

Whether it’s knowing the business side of the game, the community aspects, or just wanting to visit these fantasy worlds that the dungeon master creates, there is a podcast out there for those who want to begin their own fantasy adventure.

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