The Actor Behind One Of The Seven Will Play A ‘Whole New Character’ In The Boys Season 4

In superhero comics, there’s a long tradition of characters assuming the mantle of a previous hero or villain, even keeping the same name with added Roman numerals to distinguish them from their predecessors. Hopefully, when we meet the eventual Black Noir II, he’ll be able to talk so that Mitchell’s character isn’t left mute like Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) and actually gets the chance to say some lines next season.

Until then, viewers of “The Boys” are left to mourn the tragicomic end of Black Noir I, a character they were just getting to know. Season 3 showed how Noir was left brain-damaged by Soldier Boy, only to wind up having his guts ripped out by Homelander (Anthony Starr), who felt betrayed that Noir had not told him he was Soldier Boy’s son. Along the way, we got a glimpse inside Noir’s mind and saw how it was populated by cartoon critters.

“Young Noir grew up going to this like pizza chain called Buster Beavers,” Kripke told EW. “It’s like a Chucky Cheese.” That and the existing precedent of the animated spin-off “The Boys Presents: Diabolical” were the basis for Noir’s cartoon friends.

The last thing Black Noir I sees as the light goes out of his eyes is a buck-toothed cartoon beaver, shedding a tear and stuttering while telling him he will soon be in the sweet embrace of Christ the Lord. “We are so proud of you,” he says, and fans looking back on Noir’s absurd yet strangely poignant arc in “The Boys” might feel the same way.

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