The 8 Most Expensive Belts In The World

Belts are a symbol of fashion and are used to add a little glamour. Belts are a great way to accent your attire. They are also a great gift item and are great conversation pieces. Just like anything else, a belt can also be very expensive.

It’s quite an eye-opening experience when you look at the world of expensive clothing – and not just for the prices but also for the outrageous design. For one thing, people will pay thousands of dollars for a belt, and the list below shows that it’s not unusual. Here are 8 of the most expensive belts in the world.


8 Roland Iten – $400,000

In 2011, Roland Iten and Bugatti teamed up to create the world’s most costly belt buckle. The white gold buckle designated Roland Iten Calibre R822 Predator featured red gold embellishments. In addition, it was set with baguette- and round-cut diamonds weighing a total of 14.15 carats. Its platform was made of premium titanium, and its cost was astronomical: $400,000 The company produced only three items. Roland Iten does not create belts. However, this makes belt buckles the most costly in the world.

For instance, the R8 Mark II Driver buckle is available for CHF 32’300, or around $41,000. However, you will receive an accessory made of heavy white gold and titanium, with thirty components in a variety of finishes. There are only five buckles available for purchase.

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7 Gucci – $256, 970

Gucci has maintained an expensive selection of belts for guys. The price of the Reversible Belt with a Square G buckle is $600. It has dazzling gold-toned hardware and leather tanned without the use of metals or chrome.

6 Stefano Ricci – $124,000

Stefano Ricci creates a few of the world’s most valuable luxury belts. All of our men’s belts are handcrafted to ensure quality and attention to detail. In the past, the business created a $124,000 18-karat gold and diamond-encrusted belt buckle.

Today, its most costly designer belt is the $4,000 Handmade Crocodile Belt. The manufacturer made the strap from genuine crocodile skin and the buckle from galvanized palladium. The end result is a lovely belt that may be worn with any attire or suit.

5 Hermes Entriviere – $5,260

Hermes Entriviere is among the world’s most valuable belt brands. It includes an extensive assortment of belts crafted from flexible leather and imbued on both sides with distinct colors to provide reversible wearing options. All of its buckles undergo intensive metalwork and are hand-polished. Consider the Constance belt buckle and leather strap.

The cost of the belt is $5,260. The buckle is brushed palladium-plated metal, and the strap is crocodile leather with a matte finish. The item is expensive since it is part of the company’s selection of customizable belts. Buckles are not sold individually. One may purchase the straps separately and mix them with a clip of their choosing to fit their needs.

4 Billionaire Couture – $2,850

For many years, Billionaire Couture has produced lavish belts for guys. The Billionaire Italian Couture Alligator belt was one of its most expensive items. The men’s accessory was crafted from alligator skin using a traditional Italian pattern. Additionally, it had a silver buckle, which increased its cost to $2,850.

Billionaire Couture, one of the most well-known belt businesses, continues to produce premium men’s accessories. The corporation mainly targets wealthy guys, which is why its items are so expensive. None of its belts sell for less than $400 today. The most expensive component is the San Antonio Strass belt manufactured of crocodile leather with an oval metal buckle. The price is $1,980.00.

3 Cartier – $2,690

Cartier has left an everlasting imprint on the worlds of luxury culture and jewelry. Each piece is meticulously crafted with premium materials and gems. As a result, Cartier has an internationally elegant range of pricey belts. It also illustrates why the company’s products are so expensive.

For instance, the price of the Santos de Cartier belt is $2,690. The strap was made from black crocodile leather by the firm. It boasts a Cartier signature ardillon with a golden finish to demonstrate elegance.

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2 Ralph Lauren – $1,850

The Alligator Sterling-Buckle Belt, for instance, costs $1,850. It is a flexible and stylish alligator leather accessory. The $595 Stirrup Turn-Back Suede Belt is priced in the middle. It is fashioned from supple calf suede and features a stirrup with a turn-back buckle fastening finished in platinum.

1 Versace – $1,150

Belts by Versace lend a touch of elegance to every man’s ensemble. The accessory is handcrafted in Italy utilizing the finest materials. It exaggerates its leather belts with buckles that are emblematic of its tradition.

The Palazzo Croc Leather Belt is a magnificent example of a men’s collection item. It is a belt made from crocodile leather and adorned with a Medusa buckle in gold tone. To acquire the accessory, you must part with $1,150.

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