The 7 things you need to know for Friday, July 1


The Supreme Court announced its last two major decisions of the term yesterday.

  • On the environment: The court cut back the EPA’s ability to regulate power plant emissions. The ruling will have a major effect on the nation’s ability to address climate change.
  • On immigration: Justices ruled that the Biden administration has the power to end a Trump-era policy that made people wait in Mexico while their asylum cases are reviewed.
  • Up next: The court — which will have four female justices for the first time — will weigh in next term on a case that could radically change the way elections are held.


Florida’s 15-week abortion ban will be temporarily blocked.

  • Why? A judge said the ban, going into effect today, is unconstitutional. The pause will take effect when the judge signs a written order, which hasn’t happened yet.
  • What else to know: President Biden yesterday said he backed overriding a Senate rule — the filibuster — to make it easier for Democrats to pass legislation to protect abortion rights.


Coronavirus vaccines are being revamped for the fall.

  • The updated versions will be tailored to fight omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5, which are gaining ground in the U.S., the FDA said yesterday. We don’t yet know the exact timing.
  • Why? Studies of vaccines made to stop an earlier version of omicron did a better job of preventing infection compared to the original dose.


Officials are piecing together details of this week’s smuggling tragedy.

  • What happened? 53 migrants died after being trapped in the back of a sweltering 18-wheeler, discovered in Texas on Monday. It’s the deadliest such incident in U.S. history.
  • What we know now: The driver, a U.S. citizen, was high on meth, authorities said, and didn’t know the truck’s AC had stopped working. He and three other men have been arrested.


An American WNBA star went on trial in Russia today.

  • Who is she? Brittney Griner, detained on drug charges in February. U.S. officials expect the trial, which reconvenes July 7, to be a sham, with a guilty verdict all but certain.
  • In Ukraine: At least 20 people were killed and 38 injured by a Russian strike in a residential area in the Odessa region this morning, officials said.


USC and UCLA are moving to the Big Ten conference.

This weekend could be the ultimate travel nightmare.

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