The 10 Richest Self-Made Women And How They Earned Their Wealth

While the wealthiest people today are primarily men, women continue to excel in different sectors. These women continue to build businesses and legacies, making enormous fortunes for themselves. Women also continue to prove they are also top players in today’s business world, from the entertainment industry to the technology sector. Fortunately, this trend has resulted in the rapid increase of female billionaires globally. While some women share this fortune with spouses or inherited them, others acquired it themselves. Today, there are more than 300 female billionaires worldwide, and about 100 made their fortunes on their own. However, according to Forbes, below are the top ten most prosperous self-made women in 2022.


10 Judy Faulkner ($7 billion)

A Picture Of Judy Faulkner
Via Flickr/Brookings Institution

Judy is the founder and CEO of Epic Systems and one of the most powerful women in healthcare today. Epic Systems is a technology company that produces healthcare-related software and products globally. The 78-year-old healthcare entrepreneur started the company in 1979 in Wisconsin, U.S. Today, the health software is used by more than 200 million customers globally. According to Forbes, Judy is worth $7 billion today.

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9 Zhou Qunfei ($7.1 billion)

A Picture Of Zhou Qunfei
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Zhou is one of the wealthiest self-made women in China and the founder of Lens Technology. The Chinese entrepreneur was a former factory worker before starting the technology company in 2003. Headquartered in Hunan, China, Lens Technology is globally known for making smartphone touchscreen. The company is a major supplier for technology giants like Microsoft, LG, and Samsung. Today, the company’s market capitalization is around $25 billion. Alternatively, Zhou’s net worth is a staggering $7.1 billion.

8 Lynda Resnick ($8 billion)

A Picture Of Lynda Resnick
Via Flickr/The Aspen Institute

Born Lynda Rae Harris, she founded and co-owns “The Wonderful Company” with her husband, Stewart Resnick. The Wonderful Company is the group behind global brands like Fiji Water, Wonderful Halos, JUSTIN Wines, POM Wonderful, etc. The 79-year-old businesswoman and her husband were able to grow the brand into a unicorn, boasting annual revenue of around $4 billion. According to Forbes, she is worth $8 billion today.

7 Zhong Huijuan ($8.1 billion)

Zhong is a Chinese pharmaceutical executive and the founder of Hong Kong-based Hansoh Pharmaceuticals. The 61-year-old former chemistry teacher is also the majority shareholder in the pharmaceutical company. Despite a drop in the company’s fortune since 2020, Zhong is the wealthiest self-made woman in Hong Kong. Today, the Jiangsu Normal University alumnus is estimated to be worth $8.1 billion.

6 Wang Laichun ($9.5 billion)

A Picture Of Wang Laichun
Via Wikimedia Commons

Wang is among the wealthiest Chinese female billionaires in China and the co-founder of Luxshare-ICT. The 55-year-old started the company in 2004 with her brother, and it went public in 2010. The company currently makes a fortune from designing and manufacturing computer cables for global brands like Apple. Wang has been a self-made billionaire since 2014, and the businesswoman is estimated to be worth $9.5 billion today.

5 Judy Love ($9.7 billion)

A picture Of Judy Love
Via Wikimedia Commons

Judy is one of the richest self-made American women in 2022 and the co-founder of Love’s Travel Stops & Country Store. She and her husband started the retail outlet in 1964 and have also made a fortune from Energy. Today, the company, with more than 27,000 employees in the U.S, generates around $21 billion in annual revenue. Judy, who also serves as the company’s executive secretary, is estimated to be worth $9.7 billion.

4 Diane Hendricks ($11.6 billion)

Diane is a businesswoman, movie producer, co-founder, and chair of ABC supply. ABC is a major construction firm that distributes roofing materials across many states in America. The American billionaire co-founded the company with her late husband, Ken Hendricks, in 1982. However, she has since grown the company’s annual revenue beyond $10 billion today. According to Forbes, Diane is worth $11.6 billion.

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3 Wu Yajun ($15.3 billion)

Wu is a Chinese billionaire, investor, and businesswoman. The 58-year-old is also the co-founder and chairwoman of Longfor Properties. Longfor is a Hong Kong-registered real estate firm with about 60 shopping centers in China. The former journalist and owner of Wu Capital is also a prominent investor in major brands like Uber and Evernote. Today, she is worth a whopping $15.3 billion.

2 Rafaela Aponte ($16.8 billion)

A Picture Of Rafaela Aponte And Her Husband
Via Wikimedia Commons

Rafaela is a businesswoman, investor, and the wealthiest self-made woman in Europe today. In 1970, She and her husband Gianluigi Aponte co-founded the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC). MSC is the second-largest shipping company in the world today, with more than 500 vessels in almost 160 nations. According to Forbes, the Swiss business mogul is worth $16.8 billion today.

1 Fan Hongwei ($18.2 billion)

A Picture Of Fan Hongwei
Via Wikimedia Commons

Fan Hongwei is a businesswoman and the richest self-made woman in the world today. She is also the wealthiest self-made woman in China and the 13th richest woman in the world. She is the chairwoman and CEO of Hengli Petrochemicals and the vice-chair of the Hengli group. Hengli Petrochemicals is a Chinese company that is a significant player in the global refining, petrochemical, and polyester industry. The company’s market cap today is over $155 billion. However, Fan is reportedly worth $18.2 billion.

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