Sydney Sweeney And Christina Ricci Had An Eye-Opening Conversation About Being A Woman In Hollywood

Popular Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney recently was featured on Variety’s Actors on Actors. She sat down with the Yellowjackets actress, Christina Ricci, and they discussed everything.

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They talked about many important issues, like being a woman in Hollywood and taking back power in nude scenes. Here are all the things they discussed and why it was such important conversation.

8 The Way Their Characters Represent Real People

People really hated on Sweeney’s character Cassie Howard on Euphoria in season. While she was easy to make a villain, Sweeney defends her character in an eye-opening way. She describes Cassie’s trauma and how it leads her to look for love in all the wrong places, and makes her think using her body is the only way she will be loved.


7 Cassie Howard Is A Representation Of How Women Are Forced To Act

Ricci and Sweeney’s analysis of Cassie Howard finds it way towards a discussion of the way women feel they’re forced to act in order to be loved. The women examine how lots of young women can only find love for themselves when someone else loves them, and they’ll do anything for it, even letting another person tell them how to act, what to wear and what to eat. Ricci stated, of Cassie, “she’s regurgitating all of the negative things as women that we’re taught culturally, you know?”

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6 The Evolution Of The Nude Scene

Both actresses are very familiar with performing nude scenes, however from two very different times. Sweeney talks about the process she’s familiar with that includes the intimacy coordinator. She claims she’s never worked without one, that they are crucial to the process and help her feel very comfortable on set. Ricci on the other hand states she has never worked with one, there have been times on set where she was made to feel so uncomfortable by the crew’s eyes on her that she chose to walk around naked all the time to stop the staring. Another time, she didn’t want to do an intimate scene, and she was threatened with a lawsuit.

5 Taking Back Control Over Nude Scenes

After sharing horror stories, the women state they really don’t mind doing nude scenes. They think it’s great because they are more realistic than porn. Sweeney even goes on to say that doing nude scenes helped her feel more comfortable about her body.

4 The Performance Versus The Actress

Sweeney has been very open talking about the process of intimate scenes in countless interviews. Here, speaking with another woman of Hollywood, she says she feels comfortable to say she’s sick of talking about it! She says she feels as though people don’t take her performances seriously because she takes her clothes off, but the same would never happen to a man. The pair even question why it’s such a big deal, Sweeney stating: “There’s a lot of conversation around it, and so much fascination, but then not enough conversation about the violence that’s on TV all the time.”

3 The Effects On Sydney Sweeney’s Career

When asked if she relates to her character Cassie, Sweeney says that she is starting too. She states she feels that the sexualization of Cassie on the show is starting to happen to her in real life. She says, “There was a storyline of what is happening… [to] Cassie because of her nude photos that got leaked, and just the perception of others on her because she has boobs. I see that happening to me in real life, even though everyone watched “Euphoria.” I go, “Did you not learn?”. Enough said.

2 The Effects On Herself

On top of people’s very specific views of her as an actress who happened to take her clothes off for a show, what about everything else? Sweeney is constantly asked about her nude scenes, judged for her nude scenes, and sometimes considered less of a serious actress due to them and treated poorly. Sweeney and Ricci are tired of it, and just don’t get it. What is this stigma around women in Hollywood? They discuss how backwards it feels, as mostly men write all these nude scenes for women and yet all the women are judged for doing them. It even bleeds into their everyday lives. While walking down the red carpet of the Met Gala in May, a photographer was heard yelling at Sweeney to “show us your boobs”.

1 It Was An Eye-Opening Interview

The interview between these two actresses is very open and honest about the mistreatment of women in Hollywood and everywhere else too. Both of them claim that they only agree to do nudes scenes if it’s crucial to the story and have fought against doing some.

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