Sydney And Devon Lee Carlson Are Besties With The Hadid Sisters — But Who Are They?

While a lot of attention is devoted to celebrity relationships, celebrity friendships are often just as interesting. With social media, it is easy to map out who is friends with whom using tags, followers, and comments. Sometimes, the best friends of celebrities can become celebrities by association alone. Friends of the Kar-Jenners, like Jonathan Cheban, Anastasia Karanikolaou, and Stephanie Shepherd, are easily recognizable to fans of the Kar-Jenners and their reality shows. Another example is Abigail Anderson, who is verified on Instagram because she is Taylor Swift’s childhood friend.

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There are other people in the industry who seem to appear everywhere and be friends with everyone. Club promoter Zack Bia is a perfect example. Even if you don’t recognize his name, you have probably seen his face. He has been featured in his friend Drake’s music video for “Money in the Grave.” He dated singer Madison Beer. He has also been linked to Madelyn Cline, and he is said to be currently dating Olivia Rodrigo. His Instagram page is filled with countless other famous faces. Sisters Sydney and Devon Lee Carlson are another pair with a lot of famous connections – including Zack Bia. Continue reading to find out more about the social media icons and Wildflower Cases co-founders.

8 Sydney And Devon Lee Carlson Have Their Own Phone Case Company…Thanks To Miley Cyrus

Sydney told Forbes that when she and Devon were 14 and 17, they really wanted their own unique phone cases, so their mom made some for them. When they ran into Miley Cyrus at a restaurant and asked for a picture with her, Miley fell in love with their cases and told them to start a business. Thanks to Miley’s tweet about their cases and their dad’s background in graphic design, they were able to start Wildflower Cases overnight.


7 Sydney And Devon Lee Carlson Both Vlog

Sydney has been vlogging for over seven years, but Devon has only been vlogging for four. Though they often appear in each other’s videos, they have separate channels to give their fans a glimpse into their individual lives. Through the vlogs, viewers soon realize that not only are the sisters close, but they have overlapping friend groups of models, musicians, and artists.

6 Olivia O’Brien Is The Carlsons’ Famous Cousin

Singer-songwriter Olivia O’Brien is the younger cousin of the Carlson sisters. All three of them have a close relationship, and the Carlsons have even appeared in Olivia’s music videos for “NOW” and “Sociopath.” Olivia has also appeared in their vlogs, TikToks, and Instagram posts. The sisters even surprised Olivia with a prom-themed celebration for her 21st birthday. Olivia also collaborated with the sisters’ musician ex-boyfriends, blackbear and Jesse Rutherford.

5 Devon Lee Carlson Dated The Neighbourhood’s Jesse Rutherford

The former internet it-couple began dating in 2015. Jesse was in many of Devon’s vlogs, TikToks, and Instagram posts. Jesse sings about Devon in “Single,” and she was in The NBHD’s music videos for “Stargazing,” “Pretty Boy,” and “Lost in Translation.” Though they seemed happy, towards the end of 2021, break up rumors began to swirl when fans noticed that they had deleted their pictures together on social media.

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4 Sydney Carlson Dated Blackbear

Sydney also has a famous musician ex. Long time fans will know that Sydney dated blackbear. Though the official timeline of their relationship is unclear, they appear to have dated between 2017 and 2019. Blackbear was featured in Sydney’s posts on social media and in her earlier vlogs. Many fans assumed that they broke up after blackbear cheated on Sydney.

3 Devon And Sydney Are Best Friends With The Hadids And Kylie Jenner

Devon and Sydney Carlson are friends with some high profile celebrities. Devon frequently films funny TikToks with Bella Hadid during their vacations, holidays, and frequent hangouts. Devon also interviewed Gigi Hadid behind the scenes at the Fall Winter 2022 Off White show, and the pair seemed close. Sydney is often featured in Kylie Jenner’s TikToks, along with Kylie’s bestie Anastasia Karanikolaou.

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2 The Carlsons Know Everyone Who Is Anyone

The Carlsons have a seemingly endless list of famous friends. They casually take pictures in bathrooms with photographer Alana O’Herlihy and Euphoria actress Alexa Demie. Devon helped Dua Lipa celebrate her birthday when Dua was still with Anwar Hadid. Billie Eilish’s brother Finneas and his girlfriend Claudia Sulewski were at Devon’s 25th birthday party. They were invited to Frankies Bikinis’ founder Francesca Aiello’s birthday celebrations. The singer Drew MacDonald, AKA Drumaq, is in most of their vlogs. The list goes on.

1 The Carlsons Are Known For Their Unique Senses Of Style

Devon and Sydney both have unique senses of style, which they showcase on their social media. They both appear to draw inspiration from 1990s and 2000s fashion. They also are fans of mixing thrifted clothing with designer items. The sisters have been entering the high fashion world as they both attended events at New York Fashion Week last year. Devon has also worked with Versace, Burberry, and Off White.

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