Swizz Beats Gifts Alicia Keys 150-Carat Necklace Worth $400,000

The diamond necklace even features a portrait of her face.

Alicia Keys is sporting a new piece of jewelry around her neck, and it has a huge price tag. The singer was surprised with an Egyptian-themed necklace from her husband Swizz Beats.

According to TMZ, Swizz surprised Alicia with the necklace after her recent performance in Milan. The stunning piece features 150-carats of diamonds and was created by celebrity jeweler Elliot Elianette. It set the rapper back approximately $400,000.

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The stunning piece features a diamond-encrusted portrait of Alicia inspired by Queen Nefertiti in the center. Nefertiti ruled Egypt during the 18th Dynasty and was the wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten. She’s estimated to have lived from 1370 to 1330 BC.


Elianette shared a video to his Instagram of Alicia being present the lavish gift from her husband alongside their two children, sons Egypt, 11, and Genesis, 7. Their eldest son passes Alicia a jewelry box as she says, “What’s happening?”

“Wow!” she says with an excited look on her face as she opens the black box. “That’s your face as Nefertiti,” her husband can be heard in the background. He then tells her it was designed by Elianette.

“That’s yours? You’re killing! I wish I knew you were coming,” Alicia says as she turns her attention to the jewelry designer. She proceeds to give him a hug as she thanks him for the necklace.

“Legendary Nights W Legendary Ppl! From NYC To Milan @aliciakeys Receives A Special Necklace From Her Husband @therealswizzz And Their Children,” Elianette captioned the post.

He later uploaded another video of the necklace giving his followers an up-close look at the piece. “Art Piece Made For A Queen. The Iconic Nefertiti Has Been Sculpted to Resemble @aliciakeys,” he explained in the caption. “This Custom Designed Link Made of Ankhs & Infinity Links Symbolizes Eternal Life. The Baguettes Are Set in a Brick Formation Like the Great Pyramids in Egypt.”

Alicia is known for her love of jewelry – she even launched her own collection several years ago. In 2009, she collaborated with The Barber’s Daughters designer Gisele Theriault to release a line of inspirational, hand-crafted necklaces.

“[I love] how it can spread such an uplifting message — I love the fact that that’s the focus of the pieces. Of course they’re beautiful aesthetically, but the purpose is more how the words influence us,” Alicia explained of the line at the time.

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