Seth MacFarlane Gives Details About The Ted Prequel Series Coming To Peacock (And Yes, There Will Be F-Bombs)

McFarlane does mention that there are some challenges to be “mindful of” when it comes to keeping the character authentic, including a modern “climate that is maybe a little less friendly to comedy than it has been in the past.” Hopefully, the movie is able to maintain McFarlane’s clever streak without punching down. It’ll also be interesting to see how the show tackles its retro premise, as it’s set in 1993. The writer-director says the “Ted” prequel “embraces that era, embraces the nineties, and tracks what is essentially Ted’s adolescence” alongside his buddy John.

Despite his mention of John, the “Ted” prequel hasn’t announced Mark Wahlberg as a cast member. At a press event reported on by The Wrap earlier this year, McFarlane said the show had to answer the question, “How does this character exist in a world without Mark Wahlberg?” Given that the character is a teenager at this point, it makes sense to use another actor. Giorgia Whigham (“13 Reasons Why”), Max Burkholder (“Parenthood”), and Scott Grimes (“The Orville”) will round out the cast alongside McFarlane.

“Tonally we’re sticking pretty close to the first movie,” McFarlane told Collider. “I think fans of ‘Ted’ are going to be very happy with this show.”

“Ted” will premiere on Peacock, but has not yet announced a release date.

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