Sci-Fi Movies That Were Saved By Deleting Scenes


The “Deadpool” films have enjoyed using their dark humor to shock audiences. “Deadpool” was hardly the first R-Rated comic book movie, but the level of sexual content, language, and violence that the two films contained felt like a breath of fresh air compared to other modern superhero movies. The two “Deadpool” films have some genuinely intelligent commentary on the state of the modern film industry, but they also have a lot of off-color, dark jokes.

Yet, there’s a difference between pushing the audience out of their comfort zone and just being in poor taste. A deleted scene from “Deadpool 2” was removed for being too dark, even for the “merc with a mouth.” In what was intended to be a post-credit stinger, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) uses a time travel device to go back to 1880, where it is implied that he murdered the infant Adolf Hitler. Although the scene does not explicitly show the murder, it’s still fairly uncomfortable to watch. The “Deadpool” films work because of their adolescent humor, but this scene feels like it is only there to make teenage boys laugh. Child murder isn’t particularly funny, even for the “Deadpool” franchise. The time travel sequences that are in the film tie directly to the “X-Men” franchise and Reynolds’ career. They are already effective enough, and it’s much funnier to see Deadpool make fun of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and “Green Lantern” than it is to see him murder an infant.