Roblox: Tapping Simulator Active Codes (July 2022)

Credit: Roblox

Roblox is a platform that enables its users to build almost any game they can imagine, as well as play those games created by other users. From massive, open-world RPG epics all the way down to more personal, smaller games, there are a wide variety of gaming experiences available. One of the games you may play on Roblox is called Tapping Simulator, and its objective is to acquire more money, pets, and power by tapping.

In addition, much like the majority of other Roblox games, it comes with a set of codes that may be entered in order to get a variety of different in-game prizes.

This article will provide a rundown of all of the Roblox Tapping Simulator Codes for the month of July 2022, as well as for instructions on how players may redeem those codes.

The codes

  • 10million – You will obtain free Gems by redeeming this coupon.
  • 20milliontaps – You can earn 5 super gems by redeeming the code
  • 25millionvisitsYou may obtain 5 super gems by redeeming the code .
  • 30millions – This code entitles you to 30 million taps when redeemed.
  • 40millions – You will receive 50 super gems if you use this coupon.
  • 5mcake – You may obtain free Gems by using this code.
  • amazing – You will receive the Elder Butterfly Pet when you use this code.
  • Bosscat – By using this code, you may get 50 super gems.
  • Dinos – By using this code, you may get 50 super stones.
  • Elsa – You will get 5 super jewels when you enter this coupon.
  • lucky60 – By using this code, you may get an hour of 5x Luck.
  • Moon – You may obtain 50 super gems by using this code.
  • pineapplepizza – You may receive free taps by using this code.
  • power60 – This ticket entitles you to an hour of 5x Tap Power.
  • ship – You can receive 50 super gems by using this code
  • super60 – When you use this code, you’ll get 10 Super Tokens for one hour.
  • welcome – You will receive 5,000 Taps when you use this code.
  • worlds – By using this code, you can receive 5 super gems.

How to redeem the codes

To redeem coupons for Tapping Simulator, first go to the game’s official website and then launch the application itself. Once you have entered the game, check for the icon of Twitter. If you press it, a new text window will pop up. Simply paste the codes that you need from our list into the box that says “Enter promo code here.” Once you have done all that needs to be done, the last step is to hit the “Use” button.

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