Reddit Potterheads Come Up With Their Own Titles for ‘Harry Potter’


We all know how complicated the Harry Potter titles are. After all, they did have to change Philosopher’s Stone to Sorcerer’s Stone for American readers. So after 15 years since the last book was published, Harry Potter fans have come out with creative alternate titles for all seven books that describe the story much better.

The idea was started by Reddit user Scp1717 on the r/HarryPotter subreddit, where they’ve come up with simplified titles for main Harry Potter stories. And, not gonna lie, these titles are brutally honest but they’re right to say it.

Fans added to this creative idea that they provided other alternate titles that best describe the film. Some went for the more simplified approach like what OP did.

Meanwhile, one Reddit user thought making pop-culture references and memes for some of the titles would work. And realistically it could, especially if they want to attract the younger generation.

Others believe that only one title can describe all the Harry Potter books and that they don’t need to come up with seven different ones. Frankly, it’s true if you consider that it’s usually Harry Potter who is the one in danger and most of the issues would be solved if the more powerful wizards actually did something.

But out of all the alternative titles, this one from Reddit user u/frumperbell is pretty much on the nose of what the books are about: Harry finding out about the world’s problems too late and finding out that he’s the one that has to solve them.

While the Harry Potter titles are a bit long, convoluted, and hard to read at times, at least the pattern changed in the Fantastic Beasts series. And while it’s somewhat too late to re-release the books with simplified alternate titles, at least the originals kept the mystique of the Harry Potter world.

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