Ralph Cirella: Relationships, Career & Net Worth

Ralph Cirella is a well-known actor who has worked in a variety of popular movies and television shows.

Ralph Cirella is an actor, on-set designer, and good friend of Howard Stern. He is also known for his work in movies, including Private Parts, Alien Space Avenger, and She is Back.

Ralph has worked on small screens to silver screens and has achieved a lot in a short amount of time.

Today, Ralph Cirella is a big name in the Hollywood Hills and is definitely worth knowing.

Full name Ralph Cirella
Date of birth April 20th of 1965
Age 57 Years Old
Birthplace New Jersey, U.S.
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education University of Pennsylvania
Father’s name Not Available
Mother’s name Not Available
Zodiac sign Aries
Height 6 feet
Weight 187 lbs
Spouse None
Children None
Body Measurement Unknown
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Net Worth $ 1 million
Siblings None
Sexual Orientation Gay
Relationship Status Single
Profession Set Designer
Current employment The Howard Stern Show
Nickname Ralph
Salary Not Available

Early Life of Ralph Cirella

Ralph Cirella was born on April 20, 1965, in New Jersey in the United States of America. 

He spent his high school and college years in New Jersey, but there is not much information about the parents who raised him. Ralph did not share information about their profession or whereabouts either.

There aren’t any details known about where he went to school before becoming a professional actor. 

Personal Life of Ralph Cirella

Ralph Cirella is a notable actor who has achieved great success both on and off stage.

He is openly gay and has been in a relationship with both men and women in the past. He has also been engaged with some of them. 

Relationships and Dating History of Ralph Cirella

Ralph’s first relationship was with James Henley in 1975, but they broke up. Rumor has it that his reason for breaking up wasn’t exactly official but something along the lines of “creative differences.”

Ralph then started dating Sam Simon in 1985, but they separated. No reason has been given why they split up, but he has been single ever since. Perhaps it was because he took some time off for himself.

But shortly thereafter, in 2005, there was talk of him dating a girl. Some people believe he might be bisexual and was interested in dabbling with daring girls. He dated a girl by the name of Sandra Bernhard. Unfortunately, they broke up soon after they began dating.

In 2005, sources reported that Ralph Cirella had dated Sara Switzer at one point, but they did not report the nature of their relationship or why it didn’t last.

As of now, there is little to no information regarding whether Ralph is currently in a relationship.

There is no information on whether he pursued a romantic relationship with others during this brief time or not, so it cannot be confirmed if Ralph is bisexual or homosexual.

He always identified himself as gay and even mentioned having girlfriends previously in the past but has since become more open about being gay in public.

The Career of Ralph Cirella

Ralph Cirella has had a diverse career that has taken him from radio host to actor to costume designer.

His most fortunate moment came in 1986 when he created a “talking penis” for the New year’s forum felt. Even though it did not work out, this led to more opportunities and eventually landed him the job as the personal stylist of Howard Stern.

Ralph Cirella stepped into his position as Howard Stern’s personal stylist on top of several other entertainment shows and radio.

Before any of these, he took time in his career to work on the E! show. There, he assisted with makeup costumes, enhancements, and ensembles for various purposes.

He also worked alongside Gary Dell’Abate and John Hein while working on the Howard Stern Show with WWOR TV.

However, he added a new air of glamor to the entertainment industry by presenting Howard’s radio show on Friday called “The Friday Show,” which is yet another larger step forward in Cirella’s career because it connects him to not just one but both networks (CBS and SiriusXM).

Ralph’s radio host career took off from there, and he worked on the Howard 100 and Howard 101 shows.

Recently, Ralph has concentrated on his role as an on-set designer for most of Howard Stern’s shows.

Working under Howard’s productions has allowed Ralph to be a part of some of the most iconic moments in radio and TV history.

Ralph Cirella’s Achievements

Ralph has worked on some of the most popular shows in history because he works as a radio host and on-screen actor.

His big break came in 1997 when he got the role in the movie Private Parts.

In addition to his acting career, Ralph has also been a costume designer and worked as a listener for WNBC.

Though he has not won any awards, Ralph has earned a loyal following from his work in Hollywood. His achievements speak for themselves, and we urge you to check him out!

Ralph Cirella’s Net Worth

Ralph Cirella is a veteran in the Hollywood industry and has definitely earned a lot of money. His main earnings are from being the set designer on the Howard Stern show. 

Ralph’s exact salary is unknown, but many believe he earns about six figures salary from the show. 

That is not all, though. Ralph has also earned from working in many productions and being a radio host. His net worth is currently estimated to be around one million dollars. 

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