Quinta Brunson interrupts Jimmy Kimmel monologue and receives apology for Emmy controversy


Two days after receiving her first Emmy, Abbott Elementary creator and star Quinta Brunson finally got a chance to redo her acceptance speech. Brunson interrupted the opening monologue of Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! to demand an opportunity to thank those whom she didn’t have time to because of Kimmel.

“You know how when you win an Emmy you only have 45 seconds to do an acceptance speech which is like, nothing?” Brunson asked Kimmel. “And then sometimes you get even less time because some dumb comedy bit goes on too long?”

Throughout the Emmys there was a running bit that Kimmel was drunk because he regularly loses in his category. Will Arnett dragged Kimmel onstage like he was passed out, prior to presenting Brunson the awards for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. Kimmel was sprawled out in front of the mic as Brunson gave her acceptance speech, and many viewers were upset about it.

In an attempt to make amends, Kimmel allowed Brunson to use the remaining time from the monologue to finish her acceptance speech. Later, when she sat for an interview, he offered her a sincere apology.

“They said I stole your moment,” Kimmel began. “And maybe I did, and I’m very sorry if I did do that. I’m sorry I did do that, actually. And the last thing I would ever want to do is upset you because I think so much of you.”

While Brunson graciously accepted his apology, she insisted that nothing could have detracted from the joy she felt at winning her first Emmy.

“Jimmy, let me just say thank you,” Brunson replied. “It is very kind of you to say that. I honestly was in such a moment of having a good time, like I won my first Emmy. I was up there, like, you know, happy.”

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