Quantum Encounter’ Isn’t Canon to the MCU

ant-man and the wasp

The Marvel universe got a unique new addition when Disney launched their Wish cruise ship, but fans are now finding out what we all expected about the universe of Avengers: Quantum Encounter.

Avengers: Quantum Encounter is an immersive experience at Worlds of Marvel onboard Disney Wish starring Ant-Man, The Wasp, Captain Marvel, Captain America, and Ms. Marvel. For many of these heroes, this was seemingly their first time meeting up inside the MCU.

Worlds of Marvel Imagineer Danny Handke spoke to the Direct and shared the news that these characters meeting up takes place in an alternate universe to the mainline MCU.

“We are kind of in our own theme park universe, and the Multiverse concept’s great because we’re a Variant of the main MCU timeline, so it helps everyone understand that. Canon is the official canon we see on screen and our park universe mirrors that, but our stories go in different directions, mainly because we as the audience are protagonists.”

This shouldn’t come as a massive shock considering what takes place in this show, but another Marvel Theme Park ride Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind has also received the same treatment.

Having these rides would suggest that there are two different universes across the multiverse where these events take place, but sadly they aren’t the one that we regularly see on screen in the MCU.

If you’re still interested in checking out Worlds of Marvel’s Avengers: Quantum Encounter, Disney Wish will hold its maiden voyage on July 14.

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