Professor X Pulls Off Some Sweet Tricks in ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Fan Edit

Image via Marvel Studios

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness gave us some great cameos, with one in particular seeing Sir Patrick Stewart once again stepping (or wheeling) into the role of Charles Xavier, but not the one we have come to know.

As editing software has become more readily available to the masses, more and more people have used it to enhance their own creativity, and in some cases build on the creativity of others. That’s the case here where, after one enterprising fan decided that Professor X’s already shocking entrance into the MCU needed just a little more pizazz. The scene has been comically edited to show Xavier pulling some sweet tricks in his comic-accurate hover chair.

To see the powerful and wise telepath slide down a ramp and grind rails all the way around Doctor Strange, before spinning out of control on stage, is rather humorous to put it lightly. The way the clip has been edited it also gives the impression that the other members of the Illuminati are not at all amused by the actions of their elder member, with Reed somehow looking so very disappointed, adding another layer of hilarity to the clip. The edit has gone viral and them some on Twitter, with over 7500 retweets and in excess of 37,000 likes, which is rapidly increasing.

The editor, @JonkariP, a VFX artist, created the clip as well as other hilarious re-edits including a Deadpool cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home that kind of takes the shine out of Daredevil’s surprise appearance, and there’s no doubt plenty more to come.

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