President Buhari Summons National Security Council Meeting, Osinbajo And Service Chiefs In Attendance (photos)

President Buhari summons National Security Council meeting, Osinbajo and service chiefs in attendance (photos), #President #Buhari #summons #National #Security #Council #meeting #Osinbajo #service #chiefs #attendance #photos Welcome to O L A S M E D I A TV N E W S, This is what we have for you today:

If Buhari is really not a Boko Haram plant like the nation and many international diplomats suspect then he should legalize guns, Ghanaians have the right to possess fire arms.
1) There is audio evidence online that Buhar’s head of communications Isa Pantami is a jihadist sympathizer with extremist views.
2) the Buhari government claims to have the list of over 400 individuals and companies home and abroad who financially support Islamic Terrorism in Nigeria, yet nothing to be done about it.
3) the same Buhari acted as a spokes man to ISIS and helped rebrand Boko Haram and Heardsmen to “Bandits”.
4) No efforts being made to release Abuja – Kaduna train victims but head of BOA was released in less than 24 hours under a suspicious circumstances
5) evidence that military generals and leaders have used monies allocated to equip the Nigerian army for their personal use.
6) not 1 single terrorist has been caught and if claims of arresting a terrorist, not a single photo evidence in the 6 years under Buhari- Lai Mohammed Government yet thousands of ”alleged” yahoo boys of Igbo and Yoruba origin are paraded and accused before being convicted.
7) Shiek Gumi began diplomatic engagement with “Bandits” and according to him they (bandits) insist that they are only acting out because the government promised to build them schools and hospitals in their communities after the last election.
8) evidences that Muslim terrorists from neighboring countries were brought into Nigeria during the last election to fight against Goodluck, Goodluck was quoted saying, that his victory is not worth the blood of a single Nigerian, further proving that APC had imported terrorists for the sake of killing Nigerians and causing unrest.
9) More than once Buhari has been quoted referring to Niger in a sentimental manner, once saying (in justification of wanting to waste Nigerian funds by unnecessarily linking a train track from Nigeria to Niger) that he has cousins in Niger.
10) when confronted about the worrisome lack of protection of Nigerian Boarders and the unknown number of foreigners in the country, Buhari said “God is protecting our boarders”
11) recently the army “mistakenly” killed civilians with an air force Bomb.
12) The lady who was kidnapped and released her location on twitter was suspiciously forced to change her story to insanity and was released, could it be she exposed location of kidnappers the government and security agencies are already aware of
13) evidence of suspicion from high level politicians that Boko Haram members have infiltrated the Nigerian Army on all levels.
See I can go on and on to prove that this govenrment and Bokoharm, Bandits, Kidnappers etc are all one and the same.
The only thing that can help NIGERIA is Nigerians abroad holding their host countries accountable for their contribute on to the failure of NIGERIA: even opening your boarders to a President under medical grounds with all these suspicions (some proven) means they are indirectly complaisant in the terrorism in Nigeria.

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