Popular Stranger Things Fan Theories Debunked

In “Stranger Things” Season 4, Volume 2, Eleven learned that she sent Henry/One into the Upside Down. Once there, Henry reformed as Vecna and spent his time crafting the world around him to better suit his sinister schemes, including building the Mindflayer and his gothic throne. This reveal led many “Stranger Things” fans to assume that the two superpowered beings, El and Vecna, co-created the realm. Or, at the very least, crafted it through their time and connections to that space. However, this creepy place always existed, which is explained in depth in Gwenda Bond’s “Suspicious Minds” tie-in novel.

The “Stranger Things” story revealed that this strange plane — filled with Alien-like creatures — existed before either El or Henry made contact with the alternate dimension during their first face-off in 1979. In fact, one of El’s mom’s closest friends in the MKUltra program, Alice Johnson, foresaw the realm, thanks to her LSD-fueled powers. A bulk of the novel is spent with Terry, Alice, and Eight, doing all they can to not have Dr. Brenner discover the Upside Down, as they fear what would be unleashed by his scientific curiosity. (Boy, were they right!)

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