Pokémon Fans Share Their Saddest Gaming Moments


Image via the Pokemon Company

The Pokémon franchise has shared multiple stories throughout each title of the franchise. And while most of them are positive and wholesome, some might have been unnoticed by fans. Now, Reddit users are sharing the saddest moments they found when playing Pokémon.

Reddit user u/-et37- shared one of these sad moments on r/Pokémon. The post featured a scene from Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon where Mohn, Lusamine’s husband, has forgotten his memories. Below the post is a meme that calls out those who remember this sad moment or not.

For those who don’t know, Mohn used to be a professor at the Aether Foundation and was able to confirm the existence of Ultra Wormholes and Ultra Beasts. However, he went missing and left behind a weakened Cosmog. When he returned, Mohn lost all his memories and started the Poké Pelago, a group of islands to take care of Pokémon.

Fans who remembered Mohn’s story in the game are glad that the anime exists as it continues Mohn’s story from the games and gave him the family reunion he deserves.

When Mohn’s story was explained on Reddit, fans began to ask if there were other sad storylines featured in this game. And as always, fans delivered. Turns out, Pokémon has a lot of sad moments and storylines that many players may have missed if they were not paying close attention.

The Pokémon world has more to its story than just a 10-year-old’s journey to becoming a Pokémon champion. If you pay close attention, you will see that some sad and tragic stories involve either people or Pokémon dying or experiencing memory loss. And it’s through these moments that pull on the players’ heartstrings that a sadder side to this fun kids’ game is shown.

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