Plenty Of Rejected Dragon Ball Ideas Still Found Their Way Into The Series

Akira Toriyama’s large volume of rejected ideas paired with his “Figure it out as we go along” work ethic is a testament to his talent as a storyteller. Instead of being rigid with the narrative, Toriyama chose to embrace change and make his story better for it. The thought of losing out on a movie as epic as “Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku” because the Saiyan race nearly didn’t exist frightens me.

Luckily, Toriyama seems like an author who knows when change is a good thing, which is probably why the “Dragon Ball” world continues to live on even after 20-something odd transformations that Goku has gone through on his path to becoming the strongest. While we may never find out which of Toriyama’s 500-page draft ideas made it into the legendary Shonen that is still ongoing to this day, we can take comfort that the legendary manga author is hardly ever short on ideas.

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