PlayStation 5 Patent Will Offer You The Ability To Live Out ‘What If’ Scenarios In Games

As humans, we are often preoccupied with the concept of things that could have been different. It seems that gaming, and more especially the PlayStation, will demonstrate to us how our gameplay portions may have unfolded differently had we chosen a different strategy.

Methods and systems are provided for generating an outcome of a previous gameplay. The method includes providing access of a recording of the previous gameplay, the recording is one that was shared by a player for the previous gameplay. The method includes providing an interface that identifies one or more what-if scenarios for the previous gameplay. The one or more what-if scenarios being selected for inclusion into the interface is based on processing the recording of the previous gameplay through a machine learning model to identify what-if scenarios for the user, and options for what-if scenarios are provided to the interface. The method includes enabling the selection of at least one of the what-if scenarios from the options. The selection causes an adjustment to metadata associated with the recording of the previous gameplay. The method includes replaying the recording that was selected using the adjusted metadata to generate the alternative outcome of the previous gameplay.

In their application, Sony provided the instance of an Olympic skiing game in which a player was unsuccessful in a specific section of the competition. The player was competing in a half-pipe event. An artificial intelligence module will then build a “what if” simulation for that player depending on the player data that is accessible. This model will illustrate to the player what they may have performed better to get a different result. In this particular illustration, Sony referred to alternative ski equipment that had not been used by the user before.

Therefore, it would seem that you will soon be able to find out more ways in which you might have eliminated the adversary in the top-right corner of your display, or how you could have completed a race in a shorter amount of time if you had chosen to do so.

It is a technology that has incredibly fascinating applications and has the potential to be hugely overbroad for the industry as a whole, but this is not the first patent that Sony has recently applied for. They have also filed many patents to replicate the usage of PS3-era accessories on the PS5, hinting that genuine emulation might be on the horizon. This would be in contrast to the streaming that is now accessible for PS3 games through PS Plus.

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