Pete Davidson Went Completely Off-Script During His Skit With Adam Driver On SNL

2022 has been an eventful year for Pete Davidson. After first being loosely linked with Kim Kardashian late last year, the comedian officially started dating her soon after. Their relationship became the subject of intense public scrutiny – and aggravation from Kim’s ex, Kanye West – in the early months of this year.

As he found love in his personal life, Davidson also made a significant change in his career, when he decided to quit his acting job on Saturday Night Live, where he had been a regular for more than seven years.


The comedian’s exit is just one of a number of departures from the sketch comedy series on NBC, with Aidy Bryant, Kyle Mooney, and favorite Kate McKinnon all calling time on their tenure on the show as well.

Davidson has featured in a total of 160 episodes and many more sketches in his time on SNL.

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Some of his most memorable characters include Chad, an impression of former New York governor Andrew Cuomo, and Aladdin, the part he was actually portraying when he and Kim famously shared an on-screen kiss in October.

What Famous Sketch Did Pete Davidson And Adam Driver Share On ‘Saturday Night Live’?

Adam Driver appeared on Saturday Night Live in September 2018, as a character called Abraham H. Parnassus. The sketch was titled Career Day, and also featured regular Pete Davidson as Mordecai, the son of Mr. Parnassus.

Driver’s character presented himself to Mordecai and his classmates as an oil baron, who described his core business as being to ‘crush your enemies, grind their bones into dirt and make them regret they were ever born!’

Most of the five-minute sketch was dominated by Driver’s dialogue, with the rest of the cast only contributing with small bits in between. The Star Wars and Marriage Story star was so good, however, that his colleagues in the skit could barely keep a straight face throughout.

It is not uncommon for actors to break character on SNL, but Davidson in particular appeared to be extremely amused by Driver’s performance, and he couldn’t stop laughing – even in the moments when he was supposed to contribute to the dialogue.

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Also in that sketch with Driver and Davidson was Aidy Bryant (Danger & Eggs, Shrill) as an overly enthusiastic teacher.

What Did Fans Make Of The Character Breaking ‘SNL’ Sketch Featuring Adam Driver?

After the Career Day sketch was broadcast on NBC on September 29, 2018, it was also uploaded on YouTube the following day. In the three and a half years since, the clip has gone on to garner almost 20 million views, and at least 386,000 likes.

As recently as three months ago, fans continue to add their opinions of how great the skit was, with most of the praise especially going to Adam Driver for his rib-cracking performance.

‘Adam Driver should have gotten an Emmy for this performance,’ one fan argued in the comment section, with another offering support for the sentiment by saying: ‘The writing is good, but it would have fallen flat without an extraordinary performance. Congratulating the actor doesn’t diminish the writers.’

Fans also took special notice of how Pete Davidson was unable to contain himself, and went completely off script with his constant laughter throughout the sketch.

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‘Respect to Pete for not even pretending he wasn’t breaking,’ another fan observed. ‘He knew he was done right from the beginning, so he just sat back, said his lines, and let Adam carry it.’

Why Did Pete Davidson Decide To Leave ‘SNL’?

Despite his limited verbal involvement, sketches like Career Day helped to catapult Pete Davidson to become one of the very favorite actors on Saturday Night Live. Having been on the show for less than a decade, it was therefore a little bit of a surprise to some that he made the decision to walk away.

Ahead of his final appearance on the show in May, Davidson took to his Instagram page to share some of his thoughts on his impending exit.

‘I got to share so much with this audience and literally grow up in front of your eyes,’ the comedian wrote. ‘SNL is my home… Can’t wait to be back next year in a Mulaney musical number.’

While there have been theories that Davidson’s relationship with Kim Kardashian is the main reason behind his SNL exit, he mostly appears to be keen on furthering his career as a movie star.

Among some of his upcoming projects are a horror thriller titled The Home, and the rom-com Meet Cute, also starring Kaley Cuoco.

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