Only One Scene From The Original ‘Script’ Made It Into Labyrinth

Sarah Williams (Jennifer Connolly) is a stroppy 16-year-old fantasy nerd who enjoys playing make-believe in the park with her dog. Angry about babysitting her toddler brother Toby (Toby Froud) one night, she impulsively wishes for some goblins to take him away. Unknown to her, Jareth the Goblin King (David Bowie) is listening and happily grants her wish, sending his squad to snatch the kid. Regretting her words instantly, she refuses an offer from Jareth for the baby, so he gives her 13 hours to navigate his vast labyrinth and recover Toby before he gets turned into a goblin for good.

Magically finding herself standing outside the labyrinth’s daunting walls, Sarah initially has trouble finding the way in before a chatty worm shows her that not everything is what it seems. Sarah finds her path to Jareth’s castle hindered by magic, weird creatures, puzzles, and very smelly traps. If that wasn’t bad enough, Jareth doesn’t want to play fair, bullying her dwarf guide, Hoggle, into giving her a poisoned peach that will make her forget all about her little brother. Will she snap out of it and make it on time?

Sarah isn’t the most likeable protagonist and some of the stuff with Jareth seducing her is a bit queasy, but putting humans alongside puppets is a good choice, rooting the story in some kind of reality. Bowie enjoys himself in a role that has gained a passionate following, but the main attraction is the wild array of creatures from Henson’s team. Swinging back to friendlier territory after “The Dark Crystal,”¬†the creatures Sarah encounters are far more towards the humorous end of the scale. Still, any movie that has a gallant talking fox riding a Dulux dog¬†steed is okay with me.

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