Old Request to See Thor Nude Unearthed Ahead of ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’

thor love and thunder nude

Credit: Marvel Studios

Just as Thor: Love and Thunder is about to be released in theaters, fans have unearthed an old fan request published in 1994, where a young woman asked Marvel for a completely nude illustration of Thor, the God of Thunder.

The letter was shared on r/MarvelStudios by Reddit user u/shwaramaandhummus. A female fan in her late 20s requested Marvel to show Thor completely naked. This fan believed that the Marvel Swimsuit Special and other official illustrations did not do Asgardian justice and hoped that, in the following year’s edition, Marvel would offer a peek at his other mighty hammer..

Who knew that this fan’s request to see Thor expose his godhood would (almost) come true nearly 30 years later? Fans on Reddit who saw the letter realized that this fan, now likely in her late 50s, might be able to see her wish granted in Thor: Love and Thunder. Hopefully, the movie can do what the old comics couldn’t!

Others noticed the signature underneath the fan’s name as they were shocked at the idea of people giving their location willy-nilly to the public through a large publication.

Thanks to the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer, we know there is a scene where Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth) has his clothes completely removed by Zeus (Russell Crowe). This left this MCU hero completely exposed, showing everything this God has to offer. During an interview, Hemsworth said that he’s excited for the world to see his butt in the movie.

So if you’re keen to see the full glory that is the God of thunder, Thor: Love and Thunder will be released in theaters on July 8, 2022.

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