Obi-Wan Kenobi Was Originally Going To Kill Off A Key Character

If you’re confused why Stuart Beattie is out here risking getting shot by Disney and Lucasfilm’s hired snipers for spilling his guts about “Obi-Wan Kenobi,” it’s because he didn’t actually write for the series and only received story credit thanks to his work on the original movie script. Among the biggest differences between the two iterations of the project were Reva (Moses Ingram), a ruthless Inquisitor who relentlessly hunts Obi-Wan for much of season 1, hoping to ascend the ranks of her organization. In time, however, it comes out that Reva was once a youngling who survived Anakin Skywalker’s attack on the Jedi Temple and has been secretly plotting to take her revenge against him, having deduced that Darth Vader is secretly Anakin.

Speaking to The Direct, Beattie explained how Reva’s motivations in his film script differed from the series:

“Yeah, except the only little difference in mine [from the TV show version] was she didn’t know Darth Vader was Anakin. Cause I was like, ‘How’d she know that?’ All she saw was Anakin as Anakin because he hadn’t changed in the suit yet, right? So Anakin killed her friends, put the scar on her, almost killed her, left her for dead, basically. So, in her mind, the Jedi Council were the biggest villains in the galaxy. She believed the lies that they were plotting a coup to overtake and get power and all that, but they were stopped by the Clones. So she believed that’s why she’s hunting Jedi, because she believed the Jedi are the worst, basically.”

To be fair, the original version of Reva wasn’t wrong about the Jedi being the worst. (Even Luke Skywalker had tired of their nonsense when he got older.) They were just terrible for very different reasons. Moving on…

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