Nobody Is In The Running For The Next James Bond Just Yet, Next Movie Is Years Away


No matter who the Broccoli family and Miss McWilliams decide should be in the hot seat at the end of the day, every person who tests for the role of James Bond is going to be put through the wringer. The casting director opened up about the audition process:

“It’s a pretty rigorous process, it goes on for quite a considerable time. Lots of people are considered and then rejected for one reason or another. Then it comes down to two or three choices and those people usually have to do a screen test, they have to do a stunt assessment, and they have to meet everybody. It’s a committee decision between the producers, the studio, and the director, but it’s usually very much down to the Broccoli family [who run Eon Productions, the company that produces the James Bond film series]. They’re pretty much in control. But I don’t think they’ve ever cast someone who the studio absolutely didn’t want them to cast. It’s not something that happens overnight, shall we say.”

As for the kind of man they’re looking for? Someone who can “hold their own,” according to McWilliams. “Attractive, physical, capable of taking on not just the part but all the razzmatazz that goes with it,” she added. “It’s quite a tall order and it can live on with somebody for long after they’ve played the part, although I think it’s not so defining now as it used to be. I think some people got very much stuck with it and others have managed, particularly if they’ve chosen good projects other than Bond, where they’re seen as just a very good actor rather than just being James Bond.”