Netflix’s Glass Blowing Competition ‘Blown Away’ Season 3 Trailer

Blown Away

Image via Netflix

Netflix‘s Blown Away trailer for season three sees a whole new level of competition.

The trailer begins with hosts Katherine Gray and Nick Uhas welcoming a new batch of glass blowers to the Hot Shop. Gray makes it clear that her expectations will be even greater than before and challenges them to meet the challenges. This season, the competitors are expected to push their technical and conceptual skills to the limit.

The contestants share what inspires them as glass blowers. It’s about the love of it, the artistry, and the community this craft brings, and all the while, they’re skillfully creating various projects using blocks, blowpipes, torches, and their ingenuity to win the competition. But when you’re dealing with glass and a whole lot of pressure, things are likely to crack.

The ten contestants include some of the glass world’s biggest players hoping to win Best in Glass. If they don’t impress their esteemed judges, known as the Evaluators, they run the risk of being eliminated, but if they win, it could do wonders for their careers.

Blown Away season one premiered on Netflix in 2019 and has been commended for the high level of craftsmanship. Season one winner Deborah Czeresko awed audiences with her realistic forms and showed how versatile glass can be.

Blown Away season three comes to Netflix July 22.

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