Mzi Dempers Gives Us An Inside Look Into The Life Of A Reality Star


Mzi Dempers became a firm fan favorite with Below Deck Mediterranean viewers when he joined the cast last season, but how did his journey to reality TV stardom begin?

TheThings sat down with the deckhand to hear more about adapting to life as a star, his reaction to being cast in the first place, and the career path he originally thought he’d take when he was a kid.

Mzi Reveals That He’s Loving Life, Since Joining Below Deck Med

Mzi Dempers may be a bonafide Bravolebrity these days, but he admits that he’s still in the process of “taking it all in.”

However, that’s not to say he’s grappling with the new star status. Far from it, he laughs that he’s loving every minute of it.


“It’s been incredible and really awesome to see the engagement from people.”

“It just makes me feel super loved!” he grins.

Mzi Opens Up About Being Cast On The Show

Thinking back on how this journey began, Mzi reveals that his parents encouraged him to get a better idea of what the show entailed, before signing on to anything.

“They said we needed to go and watch the show and see what it was all about.”

As for Mzi’s next port of call, he shares that he asked his brothers – both yachties, themselves – what they thought.

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Luckily for viewers, they were just as enthusiastic about the idea – and they had some pearls of wisdom for Mzi.

“They said, ‘Go ahead, just be yourself.'”

From there, it was full steam ahead, and Mzi could barely contain his excitement.

“I was over the moon when everything came though and it was actually happening!”

However, he’s quick to admit that there were some pre-show jitters, nonetheless.

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“I was so stoked, but also extremely nervous,” he shares – though he knew early on that the nerves were temporary.

“Every time you go into something without experience, it can be super daunting.”

Thankfully, Mzi pushed past the butterflies – and today, he’s got not just one, but two seasons under his belt!

Mzi Shares That He’d Initially Dreamed Of Being A Professional Athlete

While Mzi is revelling in the early days of reality TV stardom, he’s the first to admit that he never thought of reality as his calling.

That said, he did hope he’d be on screens for another reason … as a professional athlete.

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“When I was younger, I always wanted to be a sportsman,” he shares.

As such, he assumed that if he were to be on TV, it would be as an athlete.

“The way I saw myself on TV was, like, scoring a try for the South African rugby team, or winning a big championship for golf, or something like that. I never really thought of myself as going onto a reality TV show.”

However, now that he has gone the reality route, he hasn’t looked back, since.

“I think as you get older and start becoming more comfortable with these sorts of things, you think of everything as an opportunity, and whatever it is, you take it and see how it goes.”

For Mzi, that opportunity has certainly paid off – and while he might not be wearing a South African rugby jersey, he’s certainly waving his flag high on Below Deck Med.

Fans can catch all-new episodes of Below Deck Mediterranean every week on Hayu.

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