My Stepmother Is An Alien Had One Of The Wackiest Sci-Fi Love Scenes

So, let’s break down what we just saw for a moment. First of all, there is a shirtless Dan Aykroyd laying on a bed, which some would argue is the best type of Dan Aykroyd. Next, you have a lovely Kim Basinger, acting a bit off-putting but still endearing, running to the bathroom to get ready to make love.

All of a sudden, BOOM! You’ve got a robot in a bag (voiced by Ann Prentiss) that has one blinking eye suddenly talking to Kim Basinger like they’re friends. It turns out, they are, at least kind of; the robot, appropriately named Bag, is a robotic companion that proceeds to teach Kim Basinger’s Celeste all about sex since, as it turns out, she’s an alien from a planet that got rid of it centuries ago.

After getting a crash course in sex through military propaganda and softcore magazines, Celeste decides to finally have sex with shirtless Dan Aykroyd, aka Steven. After a slow-motion walk onto the bed, the two embrace in a very floppy manner, which of course means that fireworks are now able to burst over the bed. It doesn’t seem to faze Celeste, but it does amuse a blissed-out Steven. And with that, one of the best love scenes ever put to screen was made. You’re welcome.

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