Ms. Marvel’s New ClanDestine Origins Might Feature A Sly Nod To Inhumans


After last week introduced the concept of the Djinn, this latest episode of “Ms. Marvel” was by far the most lore-intensive one yet — we met the formidable Red Dagger, witnessed the thrilling MCU debut of Farhan Akhtar as Waleed, and received a much more in-depth explanation of what exactly the deal is with those pesky ClanDestines. About midway through the episode, Waleed’s exposition dump gives us more information on the home for the Clandestines, located in an alternate dimension and hidden from us by the “Veil of Noor.” Once it becomes clear that the Clandestines intend to wipe out our own world in order to make it back to their own, the handy infographic in front of Kamala transforms into an otherworldly image wholly taken over by those prominent spires.

Does that look familiar at all? Quite a few comic fans think so.

The mockup of the Noor dimension does bear a vague resemblance to that of Attilan, the legendary floating city that the Inhumans have traditionally called home in the comics. Given that the MCU has typically only used the source material as a mere guideline than a hard set of rules to follow, it doesn’t feel like a tremendous stretch to consider that Feige may fold the ancient race of Inhumans into the MCU as interdimensional beings — and use “Ms. Marvel” specifically to do so. Yes, this wouldn’t be wholly consistent with the short-lived “Inhumans” show on ABC, which set Attilan on the Moon … but sometimes, continuity is simply meant to be broken.

In any case, this could potentially allow Marvel to give Kamala an even more comics-faithful origin, and one that would allow them to have their cake and eat it, too.