Ms. Marvel Has Great Reviews But Why Is Nobody Watching?

The MCU has conquered the big and small screen, and though some offerings have fallen a bit flat with audiences recently, it’s still a dominant force. At this point, Phase Four is changing the game, adding new characters in the process, and fans are excited for what the future holds.

Ms. Marvel is the franchise’s newest show, and it wanted to introduce the masses to the titular hero. The problem? No one is watching the show, even though it has earned a fantastic critical reception.

Why aren’t people watching Ms. Marvel? Let’s take a look and see what’s going on.


Fans Seem To Love ‘Ms. Marvel’

Ms. Marvel is the newest MCU show that hit Disney+, and it is the second new show of the year. Moon Knight was the series that got the ball rolling for Marvel in 2022, and Ms. Marvel was hoping to add something fresh and entertaining to the MCU lore.

So far, the show has been earning some solid reviews.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the show has a 98% with critics and an 82% with audiences at the time of this writing. Those are impressive percentages, and clearly, people like what the show’s bringing to the table.

Patrick McDonald of WBGR-FM had a lot of great things to say about the show.

“Sensational stuff, a comic book dream & a brilliant message of tolerance/trust of our fellow world beings. It always seems to be art that makes the statements that we need to be better toward one another, and MS. MARVEL is leading the way. Shazam! Oops,” he said.

A user on the site largely agreed.

“The best project that the MCU has put out in years. The writing and pacing is excellent. Pretty much every character is great,” the said.

It’s nice to see that people are enjoying the show, but despite the positive buzz that it has earned, there aren’t a lot of people that are actually watching it.

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It Has The Lowest Viewership Of Any MCU Show Yet

At this point, Ms. Marvel has the lowest viewership of any MCU show to date.

“According to Samba TV, 775,000 US households watched the premiere of Ms. Marvel in the first five days following its release on June 8. In comparison, Loki earned the biggest opening numbers with 2.5million. This is followed by Moon Knight and The Falcon And The Winter Soldier at 1.8million, WandaVision at 1.6million and Hawkeye with 1.5million,’ NME reports.

This is honestly quite a surprise. Moon Knight is a character that many people weren’t familiar with, and yet, it was able to eclipse the viewership pulled in by Ms. Marvel by over 1 million. That’s a steep decline for the latest MCU show, and we can’t imagine the folks at Marvel being too happy about this.

If there is a positive to take away, it’s that the series has caught on with certain audiences.

“According to the data, however, Ms. Marvel scored the highest figures among viewers aged 20-24 of all the Marvel shows. It also drew a more diverse audience with “Black, Hispanic and Asian households watching at a higher rate,'” NME states.

A small victory is nice, but why aren’t the masses tuning in?

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Why’s No One Watching?

So, what exactly is keeping people from watching this show? Well, there could be a number of different reasons, but the marketing certainly plays a part here.

Disney did a really good job promoting the show, but the previews painted this to be a series that was geared towards younger audiences. In other words, older Marvel viewers saw this show as looking rather childish when compared to a more adult show like Moon Knight, which could have seriously impacted viewership.

There’s also the factor of Ms. Marvel not being a popular character in the comics. Marvel’s pulled a rabbit out of a hat with other characters, but things did not work out so well this time around with Kamala Khan, which is a shame.

Another huge reason for the lack of viewership could be a stacked set of offerings all around. Ms. Marvel had to contend with Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Boys, and lest we forget the massive return of Stranger Things.

No matter the overarching reason, the show has not earned the viewership that it was hoping for, despite being great.

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It’s possible that the show’s audience could continue to grow, and we certainly hope it does. If you haven’t checked it out, go and give it a watch.

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