Michael Jackson Would Only Appear In Men In Black II Under This Condition

When you’re rich and famous, you can usually get your way. Because of this, fans are accustomed to hearing stories of famous people making demands that need to be met. Whether it’s something a musician needs backstage, something they want to do in a movie, or something in between, stars want their demands met.

Michael Jackson is an iconic performer who dabbled in acting during his years in entertainment. He made an appearance in Men in Black II, but he had a request that was met for it to happen.


Let’s take a look at the stipulation in question.

Michael Jackson Is A Legend

When taking a look at the biggest and most impactful musicians in the history of music, there are a few that can match the sheer popularity and impact of Michael Jackson. At his peak, Jackson was a star amongst stars, and to this very day, his music is as celebrated as ever.

Michael got his start as a youngster in The Jackson 5, and the group was an instant success on the charts. From there, Jackson would go solo, and in due time, he began unleashing a torrent of classics.

As a global superstar, Jackson was everywhere, and he continuously did things bigger and better than everyone else. The man was unstoppable in his prime, and after all these years, Thriller is still the best-selling album of all time, having sold between 50 and 70 million copies globally. That’s just one album, and believe us when we say that his others sold millions, as well.

Sadly, Jackson passed away in 2009, and the world lost an incredible artist. Though he’s been gone for so long, his impact can still be felt in the world of music today, and your favorite modern artists owe a debt of gratitude to Jackson and his career accomplishments from years back.

Though he will always be best known for his music, Michael Jackson didn’t shy away from acting while he was still alive.

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He Dabbled In Acting

In 1978, Michael Jackson made his major acting debut in The Wiz, one of the most famous reimaginings in history. Jackson played the Scarecrow in the film, and to this day, that version of the classic story is still celebrated.

Through the years, Michael Jackson would appear in several other films, notably the short film Captain EO, which was a mainstay in Disneyland for years. He also took part in the anthology film Moonwalker, and in the short film Michael Jackson’s Ghosts.

Jackson did have interest in appearing in a number of movies, including Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, but he was not always able to secure these roles. He even wanted to make his own Spider-Man movie at one point, long before Tobey Maguire played the Webslinger on the big screen.

Now, while Jackson wasn’t one to hit the big screen on the regular, the outstanding work that he did in music videos certainly showcased acting abilities. His biggest and most celebrated videos functioned as mini movies, and Jackson always managed to shine and all of them.

At one point, he was up for Men in Black II, but he had a stipulation that needed to be met.

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His ‘Men In Black II’ Stipulation

So, what exactly was the stipulation that Michael Jackson had for appearing in Men in Black II all those years ago? Turns out, Jackson had a request about the attire that he got to wear in the film.

According to director Barry Sonnenfield, “He approached us.”

From there the director dished on Jackson’s demands.

“Well, I was going to make him an alien and he said, “No, I want to wear the ‘Men in Black’ suit.” So we figured out how to do that and it worked out. He was lovely,” the director continued.

That’s right, Michael Jackson was only down to appear in the movie if he was able to wear one of the fabled black suits. Thankfully, Sonnenfield saw that keeping Jackson on board was a great idea, and he was able to slide him into a smaller role in the film, suit and all.

Men in Black II marked one of the final film appearances that Michael Jackson would make in his lifetime. He’s appeared in several other documentaries over time.

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Men in Black II is just as funny as it was when it was first released. The next time you give it a watch, just remember that Michael Jackson got his way when it came to wearing a suit in the movie.

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