MCU Fans Muse Over ‘Black Widow’ One Year on From Release

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In celebration of Black Widow‘s one-year anniversary, fans are ruminating on what they love and hate about the movie.

“Now It’s has been 1 Year of Black Widow being released what are your overall thoughts on the film what are your pros and cons???” wrote anthonystrader18 in r/marvelstudios. 200+ upvotes and comments later, and we have a much clearer picture of the consensus surrounding the polarizing MCU film.

El_US_Government received lots of support for picking Yelena as one of the pros, and “not enough Yelena” as one the cons. Portrayed by Florence Pugh, Yelena Belova is the adopted sister of Natasha Romanoff and her erstwhile successor as Black Widow. Although most people seem to love the supporting assassin, Calm_Imagination000 thinks there “was too much Yelena,” as they “wanted to see Natasha’s story, not an origin story of her replacement.”

Another highly-upvoted critique is the underuse of Taskmaster, AKA Antonia Dreykov, the combat mimic under control of her father General Dreykov. The film “completely missed potential with Taskmaster,” according to c4ptainseven. She “should’ve come out earlier.”

West-Cardiologist180 agreed, writing that “Taskmaster was barely used in the film” as one of Black Widow‘s cons, along with delayed release, mediocre action, and bad CGI. As for the pros, West-Cardiologist180 cited “great performances” and introducing us to Yelena and Red Guardian. The Redditor considers it one of the worst MCU movies, but appreciates the awesome new characters it spawned.

Black Widow is still underwhelming MCU fans one year later, but at least the detractors are still managing to take solace in the excellent performances and characters.

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