MCU Fans Hilariously Describe Film and TV Plots as Badly as They Can

Marvel MCU Avengers

Images via Marvel Studio

Marvel fans have taken to describing the TV and film plots of the MCU as badly as they can. Not only has it misdirected fans, but they’re also hilariously accurate to the point where fans noticed a common pattern when it comes to these films’ plots.

This first started when Reddit user u/DB10389 asked fans on r/MarvelStudios to badly describe every TV and movie plot so they can try and guess the answer. And just like always, the community delivered.

Most fans gave badly described descriptions of shows and movies that easily gave away the answer immediately if you remember them.

Others gave descriptions of obscure shows that were barely watched by fans such as the Netflix Marvel series, and titles outside the Disney MCU, in hopes to throw others off. And it worked as only a few remembered them.

Some fans gave descriptions that misdirect fans from thinking of other film titles, revealing that the MCU tends to repeat the same plots for a majority of their films. This is kind of concerning when it came to early MCU titles but if it works, it works. Still surprised that Disney and Marvel Studios were able to get away with it.

These descriptions made by fans showed that they either may have forgotten that Disney isn’t the only production company that has made Marvel movies and TV shows and that most Marvel films can be described easily using one plot. Fans either have to revisit the older content and writers need to come up with something more original than “heroes with daddy issues”.

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