MCU Fans Have a New Magical Way They Should Have Ended Thanos

thanos endgame

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It’s been three years since Avengers Endgame was released in theaters, yet fans still find creative ways to defeat Thanos before the mad titan did the snap. And no, this does not involve going inside Thanos in any way, shape, or form.

Over in r/FanTheories, Reddit user u/gogomonkey1 dared to ask why didn’t the sorcerers send just Thanos and his army to the mirror dimension during the final battle. After all, we saw this in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and was even used in Spider-Man No Way Home when Peter Parker trapped Doctor Strange by stealing his sling ring.

This solution was referenced back in 2019 on the How It Should Have Ended’s YouTube channel, when Wong sent Thano’s army to the mirror dimension, then decapitated Thanos using the sling ring.

A few MCU fans pointed out that the Avengers needed to return the stones to where they originated and that the mirror dimension isn’t a foolproof prison. Also, the final battle was the biggest event after 10 years of the MCU so finishing Thanos that easily wouldn’t be quite as epic.

Other Reddit users reminded the original poster that this was the other 14 billion ways to beat Thanos that would not work. This led to a debate as to whether the writers for Infinity War and Endgame were geniuses or just lazy. But then one fan reminded them about the existence of the TVA and how they would have pruned the timeline.

It seems like MCU fans are still finding interesting ways to defeat Thanos without causing major casualties and finishing the story quickly. But even if it was possible, fans are reminded that it’s probably not a great plan. Maybe writers would come up with more creative solutions considering that we’re now in Phase 4 and have the celestials and more younger MCU heroes to worry about.

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