MCU Fans Grow Wistful for the Good Old Days of… Phase One?

Image via Marvel

Phase One was an exciting time for Marvel fans. The newly formed Marvel Studios was embarking on a hugely ambitious project that’d bring some lesser-known heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Black Widow to the big screen. Even more impressively, it was attempting to build something called a “cinematic universe” and one day we’d get a team-up movie featuring all the heroes.

Many were skeptical that The Avengers could make a team featuring a Norse God and a really good archer believable but… well, Marvel Studios knocked it out of the park, smashed box office records, and made cinematic history. Now some MCU fans are casting their minds back to the olden days when an MCU movie was still an unknown bet at the box office and feeling a tickle of nostalgia.

Many agree though arguments are building whether the earlier movies looked better than the newer ones.

Some say The Avengers is aging particularly poorly.

Others say those living in the past need to move on already.

Some say the older days were better because back then the internet was calmer (not true).

Did the golden years really end in 2015.

We can’t deny we don’t miss things like heavier use of practical costumes and have issues with current movies’ overuse of digital backdrops over location shooting, though we agree we can’t live in the past. The current MCU is bristling with great stuff like Moon Knight, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and Ms. Marvel — so appreciating what we’ve got now is by far the happiest option.

Plus, you can bet in 12 years or so there’ll be fans confidently saying that no era of Marvel could possibly beat Phase 4.

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