MCU Fans Daydream About a World Where Tony and Steve Are Still Around


Marvel Studios

If you follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe even a little bit, you understand that everything changed after the events of Avengers: Endgame. The death of Tony Stark (aka Iron Man), the Avenger who started it all, followed shortly by the death of Steve Rogers (aka Captain America), who traded in the rest of his life for a life back in Brooklyn with Peggy Carter, altered the dynamics of the MCU forever.

To this day, fans still mourn the loss of two of the most iconic heroes to ever grace the MCU, especially when there are still so many stories to be told. But if there’s one thing MCU fans are good at, it’s dreaming; and the folks over at r/marvelstudios have taken to dreaming up how some of the MCU’s newest characters would have interacted with Tony and/or Steve.

The original poster kicked off the pitches with some examples from the comic that never made it to the MCU, namely Steve’s interactions with Shang-Chi, Sersi, and Moon Knight, and Tony’s with Thena, Kamala Khan, and John Walker.

Some fans expressed their desire to have seen Steve interact with (read: reprimand) John Walker, who replaced him as Captain America during the events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Others focused on the would-be MCU interaction between Tony and Kamala, especially considering the odds that the latter’s actress would be fangirling on and off-screen.

At the end of the day, the dizzying amount of characters in the MCU means the equally dizzying task of utilizing them all properly, which means not everyone is going to get the chance to interact with each other. The best bet for these dreams would be to wait and see if What If…? ends up fulfilling them, and they won’t have to wait long, seeing as the second season is set to release sometime later this year.