MCU Fans Are Surprisingly Civil While Rounding Up The Worst Villains

MCU villains

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The MCU has been growing in size for almost two decades now, with more and more heroes being added to the roster, but with more heroes comes more villains. Some villains seek chaos and disorder, some seek to rule and others, well… others just want to dust half the universe in order to create some kind of warped sense of balance.

MCU has done a great job with many of its villains, with characters such as Thanos, Loki, and Killmonger becoming instant successes; but not everyone has hit the mark. Having a good antagonist in a superhero film is vital, they are a foil to the hero and it is because of them that the hero takes action in the first place. A good villain will force the hero to grow, level up, and overcome, and in the case of villains like Killmonger, it will allow the hero to understand new perspectives that they perhaps had not considered before.

Some villains failed to make much of an impact at all, whilst others were just bizarre and didn’t feel overly compelling. A badly written villain can often ruin a movie as either the stakes aren’t high enough and the audience just doesn’t care. Fans have taken to social media to debate which villains just didn’t quite to it for them, and for a debate on Reddit users are overall being surprisingly cool and calm, putting forward some legitimate reasoning to back up their opinions.

The original post asked fans to put forward their thoughts on the worst MCU villains, but also to explain their reasoning.

Over 400 users chimed in with their opinions and responses to the question, and many agreed on certain characters, with Thor: The Dark World‘s Malakith getting dragged in many comments.

Though the actor may be fantastic, this fan thinks the movie didn’t make good use of him.

Responding to another user’s opinion that Malekith had no motivation, this user adds their own thoughts.

Another villain to feel the burn was The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s leader of the Flag Smashers, Karli.

The character and her crew did not come across well to audiences who found their decision-making to be questionable.

Though some blamed the rushed writing on Covid.

Despite being one of the more popular heroes in the MCU, Iron Man‘s villains were a real low point of the movies according to these fans, with some people really gunning for them.

Though Marvel has often been praised for its casting, some feel like great actors are then wasted in the storytelling.

People are also going after the newest bad guys on the block, the ClanDestine from Ms. Marvel who aren’t really provided the danger that fans want.

Some are saying that the show isn’t over yet, so they still have a chance to show us what they’ve got.

Everyone has their own ideas, though it seems a lot are in agreement over characters such as Malekith, Killian, and Karli. Discussing topics is exactly what Reddit is there for, and it’s nice to see everyone being so civil on a social media platform every now and then; no villains to be found here!

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