Maverick Scenes Because They Couldn’t Stop Laughing


Following a 30-minute meeting on the set of Mission: Impossible, Tom Cruise called the studio himself, confirming he wanted to make Top Gun: Maverick. Clearly, he made the right choice, as the film brought the audience back to the theaters, generating billions at the box office. That number continues to soar and is ongoing.

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In the following, we’ll take a look at Val Kilmer’s short-lived time in the film and how he felt about it. The actor was overcome by emotions, we’ll take a look at how it all went down, including all the tears and laughter which took place on and off camera.


Val Kilmer Got Emotional When He First Watched His Top Gun: Maverick Scene With Tom Cruise

There was an incredible energy on-set during the Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer Top Gun: Maverick reunion scene. Fans speculated if Val was to be in the film, and it just added to the perfectness of it all.

However, behind the scenes, Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski admitted he was nervous to show Kilmer the final product.

“Well, Tom was involved throughout the editorial process in kind of shaping that scene and building that scene. So there was never really a moment of showing him the final. He was kind of there as it evolved, and he was obviously a key part of it. But I do remember showing it to Val for the first time.”

“That’s a very distinct memory because he came in to watch parts of the film. So that was one scene I wanted him to see, and obviously, we were all a little nervous showing it to him just because we really wanted him to like it,” Kosinsk tells the Hollywood Reporter.

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Ultimately, Kilmer’s reaction could not have been any better, getting emotional watching the scene for the first time.

“His response was beautiful. He was so happy and so moved by it that it made us all feel really good and that maybe we had gotten it right.”

The scene was absolutely brilliant and arguably the scene-stealer of the entire film. However, shooting it came with a couple of hiccups between Cruise and Kilmer… of the light-hearted nature.

Tom Cruise And Val Kilmer Had The Giggles During Their Iconic Scene

From tears to laughter, there were all sorts of emotions on-set during Kilmer’s return. According to IMDb’s trivia section, the scene took a few takes, in large part thanks to laughter between the two.

“Val Kilmer told Entertainment Weekly that it was like no time had passed when he was on set with Tom Cruise again, and it was fun too. ‘We blew a lot of takes laughing so much,’ the 62-year-old stated. ‘It was really fun and special.”

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Kilmer did confirm that the two stars had a case of the giggles reunited on-set together.

“Tom and I get along really well. We giggled like little kids in school between takes. I consider him a real friend. We shared intimate stories and challenges about our different lifestyles!”

The two remain extremely close and that was on full display during the scene, both on and off camera.

Val Kilmer Felt Very Comfortable Under The Direction Of Joseph Kosinski

Surely, Kilmer took note that things changed on the set of Top Gun, compared to his time on the film way back in 1986. Speaking alongside Collider, the actor revealed that he was just as content with the new direction, compared to his days alongside Tony Scott.

“He made us very comfortable, and everyone on the crew was transfixed just to be there. Tom commands a lot of respect and it was a joy to be in such a comfortable setting.”

Not only did Kilmer praise the direction of the film, but he also had praise for the rest of the cast. Kilmer revealed that he really could not have asked for more assistance during his time in the film, everything was extremely clear and on his part, there were absolutely no doubts.

As far as the film itself goes, it continues to shatter records, recently passing Black Panther on the all-time film grossing list. In the billions, that number continues to climb up worldwide.

Cruise, Kilmer and company made quite the masterpiece, and one that will be enjoyed for a very long time.