Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen’s Best Movies, Based On Audience Reviews

They may be best known today as founders of the international fashion line, The Row. But back in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, the world’s beloved twin sisters, were two of the most sought-after child actors in the industry. The twins, now aged 36, starred in a number of series and films after they got their start on the hit sitcom Full House in 1988. They even owned a film production, Dualstar, through which they reportedly joined the ranks of the richest women in the industry at an early age.

Before they officially retired from acting in 2012, the Olsen twins starred in a total of 36 films. These include their best-known movies “It Takes Two” and “New York Minute”, as well as their lesser-known but still well-loved films “Our Lips Are Sealed” and “Holiday in the Sun.” Below, we take a look at the best Olsen films, according to audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes.

8 New York Minute Has A 47% Audience Score

The Olsen twins’ biggest commercial success came with the teen-comedy flick New York Minute, which reportedly grossed over $23.4 million after it was released in May 2004. The film sees Mary Kate and Ashley as twins with opposing personalities who get into multiple misadventures when they head into Manhattan, NY on a school day — with a trauncy officer hot on their heels. Joining the twins in this cult classic are Schitt’s Creek star Eugene Levy and Supernatural actor Jared Padalecki, together with talk show announcer Andy Richter, Drive star Riley Smith, and broadway actress and singer Andrea Martin.

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7 Getting There Has A 49% Audience Score

In this adventure film, released in 2002, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen play the role of identical twins, who after turning 15, embark on a road trip without their parents. Their destination is the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. Things are going smoothly until their car gets stolen as they stop for lunch at a local restaurant along the way. Joining the Olsen twins in this Warner produced movie are Jeepers Creepers 2 star Billy Aaron Brown, DJ-singer Oekiin (or Jeff D’Agostino), and The Quest star Janet Gunn.

6 Passport To Paris Has A 50% Audience Score

Released in 1999, Passport to Paris centers on Mel and All Porter, two teenagers who were sent to Paris by their parents to spend their spring break with their estranged grandfather Edward. Expecting to have a good time with their grandpa, they instead find themselves living under the strict rules of his assistant since Edward is always too busy with his duties as the American ambassador to France to spend time with them. But there is a silver lining: the two girls get to explore France and fall in love with two charming, teenage French boys, Jean and Michael.

5 Our Lips Are Sealed Has A 53% Audience Score

Set in Sydney, Australia, Our Lips Are Sealed is another family-comedy starring the Olsens as twin sisters who enter the witness protection program after accidentally thwarting a jewelry heist. Soon after they arrive in Oz, however, they are tracked down by the jewelry thieves and chased around the city in an attempt to keep them from testifying in court. Mary Kate and Ashley star as Abby and Maddie Parker, with Jim Ross Meskimen playing the role of their father, and White House Down star Jason Clarke and Australian actor Richard Carter portraying the hoodlums.

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4 Holiday In The Sun Has A 55% Audience Score

In Holiday in the Sun, Mary Kate and Ashley star as two rich teenagers, Madison and Alex Stewart, who were whisked away by their parents for a winter vacation in the Bahamas but end up in trouble after stumbling upon an antiquities-smuggling ring. Released in 2002 with director Steve Purcell at the helm, the teen flick also marked the big screen debut of Hollywood actress Megan Fox. Other cast members include Austin Nichols, Jamie Rose, Jeff Altman, and Wendy Schaal.

3 Winning London Has A 56% Audience Score

The Olsen twins flew to the United Kingdom for their movie Winning London which was released in 2001. The film follows Mary Kate and Ashley as Chloe and Riley Lawrence, identical twins with opposing personalities and priorities. They were sent to London by their school to participate in a UN event and end up having a fantastic time, not only winning the competition but also making friends and meeting dreamy lovers along the way. The movie is said to be the twins’ best film set in an international country. It is also among their highest-rated films online, with 5.3 rating on IMDb and a 56% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

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2 The Challenge Has A 60% Audience Score

The Challenge, one of Mary Kate and Ashley’s better-known films, was released in 2003. Set in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, the movie tells the story of estranged sisters who grew up from opposite sides of the country and are brought together as partners in a Survivor-style game show “The Challenge.” To earn the top prize of college scholarships, the siblings must set aside their differences, work together, and hide their respective romances from the show’s producers. Directed by Craig Shapiro, The Challenge also stars Sons of Anarchy actor Theo Rossi and Zachary Moore as the twins’ love interests.

1 It Takes Two Has A 60% Audience Score

It Takes Two earned an estimated $19.5 million box office gross when it was released in the US in 1995. Here, Mary Kate and Ashley play the role of Amanda and Alyssa, two girls who are not related but happen to look identicle. They meet at a summer camp and decide to switch places in order to get rid of an evil stepmother-to-be. Also starring Kirstie Alley and Steve Guttenberg, the film earned the Olsens a Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actress, and a nomination each for Best Performance by an Actress Under Ten at the Young Artist Awards.

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