Marvel Lawyer On Potential Andrew Garfield Return For ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3′

andrew garfield the amazing spider-man

Since his return in Spider-Man: No Way Home fans have been asking for a new Spider-Man film starring Andrew Garfield, and while it isn’t clear if it will become a reality, a former Marvel attorney claims that it would be possible.

Speaking in an interview with ScreenRant, former Disney and Marvel Studios attorney Paul Sarker shared his opinion on whether a return for Garfield in a potential The Amazing Spider-Man 3 would be a possibility, and he revealed from a legal standpoint that the answer is yes.

“Anything’s possible from a legal standpoint. That doesn’t mean it’s possible from a business or creative standpoint, but legally as lawyers, we often respond to the direction and requests of business and creative teams. I know Sony has the exclusive rights to Spider-Man. In theory, if Andrew Garfield wanted to be part of this franchise moving forward, in Amazing Spider-Man 3, and there was a budget for it… Legally, the sides could work out whatever paperwork needed to be done to make that happen.

But I think, from a creative point of view, Andrew Garfield may not want to do it. I think he’s gone on record saying he’s gonna take a break from acting, he may not be in the area creatively where he wants to be making Amazing Spider-Man 3. But I think, if all the other factors were pointing that way, legally there’d be a way to get it done.”

While Garfield has previously shared his willingness to return as Peter Parker in the future, the actor also shared that he will be taking a break from acting, so if this were to take place, it wouldn’t be for quite a while.

Furthermore, it isn’t clear if Sony has any interest in reviving The Amazing Spider-Man franchise as the first two installments failed to reach the levels of interest or love that other Marvel projects have garnered.

For fans who are interested in seeing Garfield return, the news that there wouldn’t be any legal barriers is welcomed, but for now, fans will want to cross their fingers that it becomes a reality in the future.

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