Marvel Fans Call for a Name Change for Moon Knight’s Scarlet Scarab

scarlet scarab moon knight

Image via Marvel Studios

There’s been a slew of new heroes to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe since its inception in 2008, but its one introduced in the recent Moon Knight series that has fans in a tizzy.

The Disney Plus series didn’t just introduce the lunar lunatic to the the ever-expanding Marvel canon, it also saw the birth of a new one played by May Calamaway, who is going under the alter ego Scarlet Scarab. The name and character are an amalgamation of several from the comic canon, with Calamaway’s character combining elements of Moon Knight’s traditional flame Marlene with Abdul Faoul, the comic book Scarlet Scarab.

But it’s fair to say fans aren’t too sold on it keeping the traditional comic book name, citing identity issues with a much bigger character in the MCU. Citing confusion with the much more famous Wanda Maximoff, known as Scarlet Witch since WandaVision in-universe.

The thread has seen a decidedly negative reaction, with many citing that there’s a plethora of characters with similar names, costumes, or are just outright variants of existing characters such as with Spider-Man and Doctor Strange.

There was some support for the original post, with a few comments agreeing the name isn’t quite there. Perhaps it could’ve been as simple as Scarab?

Or, if a color is absolutely essential, it could’ve been golden scarab to better reflect the scarab MacGuffin from earlier in the show’s first season.

Scarlet Scarab will undoubtedly pop-up in future Marvel projects, especially with Moon Knight ending on a zesty stinger introducing the third persona of Marc Spector.

Moon Knight is currently available to stream on Disney Plus.