Marvel Diehards Share Their Love For A Controversial Version Of Thor

Image: Marvel

With Thor’s fourth solo journey so close to arriving in cinemas in the form of Love and Thunder, fans have been revisiting the arc of the Nordic god of thunder and have come to a potentially controversial take.

While his first few journeys in the Marvel Cinematic Universe were perhaps not entirely memorable, the reinvention of Thor during Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, and Endgame definitely was. Transforming from an oafish character into a full-on comedic hero, Thor has become much more likeable for movie audiences.

Taika Waititi’s reinvention is no doubt a huge part of this, but it’s his appearance in Endgame that has fans talking right now on social media. The post-Infinity War Thor is burdened with regret and self-pity, with him being unable to properly stop Thanos in the previous film. Letting himself go, we got “Bro Thor”.

/r/MarvelStudios has thrown its support behind the character, with a new post celebrating that particular version of the character, especially during his third battle with Thanos, albeit the 2014 Thanos.

It’s one of the best arcs from Endgame, with all six of the heroes getting their Infinity Saga characterisation and climaxes in the 3-hour long film. One fan in particular pointed out the small touches that made this version brilliant, such as the double hammer summoning.

Others made comparisons with the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok’s version of Thor, who is taking a familiar look — albeit likely much more evil — if 2016’s God of War is anything to go by when it comes to Nordic gods.

Endgame’s Thor has resonated with many thanks to it dealing with the trauma Thor had faced over the previous ten years of Marvel films. Both parents dead, a brother who has died multiple times, loss of loved ones, failure to stop a purple genocidal maniac in time — it’s all very heavy.

The version of Thor was criticized by some, with an op-ed in The Guardian describing it as fatphobic.

Thor’s next chapter comes this week, with Love and Thunder premiering July 6.

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