Marvel Cosplayers Perfectly Crafts Frog Thor Variant Cosplay

Thor - Love and Thunder

Image via Marvel Studios

There have been plenty of different takes on Thor in Marvel Comics over the years, but in the MCU there has been a small handful. Despite this, one Marvel fan has crafted the perfect cosplay for one of the most obscure Thor variants to show up in the MCU and it might not be who you think.

In a post to the Marvel Studios Reddit, one fan unveiled their The Mighty Throg cosplay and it’s everything you’d expect and more.

This perfectly crafted look embodies the character perfectly with all your typical Thor features such as the comic-book accurate helmet, and of course Mjolnir. The most important component of The Mighty Throg, the frog-like head, is perfectly crafted and flawlessly blends with the other cosplay components in this creation.

While there is always plenty of Thor at conventions like the one in the image, more often than not there is no The Mighty Throg. The obscure comic book variant of Thor entered the MCU with the Disney Plus series Loki.

At this time the character was the only other Thor in the MCU aside from the God of Thunder we know and love. As the MCU expands there is plenty of new Thor characters joining the fray most recently Jane Foster’s The Mighty Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder.

If you’re looking to catch more Thor then make sure you head out and see Thor: love and Thunder. The film is currently embarking on its global rollout and will arrive in the United States on July 8.

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