Marilyn Manson Case Compared To Johnny Depp’s Amid Viral Thread

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Marilyn Manson‘s legal situation with Evan Rachel Wood — who’s accused him of abuse — is being compared to Johnny Depp‘s … this as a Twitter thread linking the two is going viral.

The thread — consisting of several tweets that attempt to paint MM as an abuser — got started Friday … with the author, who says she’s an IPV survivor/advocate, laying out what she claims is evidence that she insists backs ERW’s horrific allegations against her ex.

🧵 THREAD. Marilyn Manson is getting ready to sue his victim Evan Rachel Wood for defamation. Here’s a thread on the allegations, and why you should be worried. (Major warning for disturbing and graphic content, please take that warning seriously.)

— Kamilla (@k4mil1aa) July 1, 2022

At a few different points in her deep dive, the Twitter user mentions ties between Manson and Depp — including the fact that they’re close friends … while suggesting Manson may be ripping a page out his JD’s playbook by taking his accuser to court with a defamation suit.

As reported … Manson accused Wood of concocting her claims against him in an alleged elaborate scheme he says was meant to ruin his reputation and career. He’s denied all of her allegations, including those from the other women who’ve also accused him.

Manson already has a variety of people standing with him, people saying he was the real victim. YouTube lawyers, social media, body language “experts”, and primarily TikTok are already targeting Evan.

— Kamilla (@k4mil1aa) July 1, 2022

Back to Johnny for a minute, though, because there’s a debate raging about whether the claims he leveled against Amber Heard — which were found to be mostly true by a jury — are, in fact, comparable to Manson … who is also alleging his accuser is making all this up.

The Twitter user notes that the cases are totally separate with differing evidence and allegations — but throughout, she appears to be implying that JD has established a dangerous precedent for men accused of abuse … including Manson.

Although these are two separate cases, it is worth mentioning that Manson is Johnny Depp’s best friend. Johnny recently made a joke about their friendship at his defamation case. They have matching tattoos, Manson is Johnny Depp’s daughter’s godfather.

— Kamilla (@k4mil1aa) July 1, 2022

A handful online agree — namely, that the support Depp am*ed throughout his trial could backfire by automatically lending itself to other stars in similar scenarios … in this case, Manson, who some believe has been credibly accused, considering the deets of his case.

Others, however, are standing firm that supporting Depp doesn’t automatically mean support for Manson … and that trying to conflate the two cases just because they’re pals is wrong.

I’m baffled by people tweeting in support of Evan Rachel Wood who say she’s ~not another Amber Heard~ and that ERW is actually credible.

Y’all know that Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson are best friends, right? Y’all know that Manson has learned from Depp’s strategy?

— ella dawson (@brosandprose) July 2, 2022

What most everyone seems to be missing is that Johnny was within his right to take Amber to court and have the facts laid out … as is Manson, as is anyone else. It’s called due process — and everyone is en*led to exercise it if they have a legal bone to pick.

Johnny had his day in court, and Manson will have his too. Trying to firm up public sentiments one way or another before that seems like a fool’s errand … and yet.


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