Mariah Justice Loved Working With Harry Styles On Don’t Worry Darling


Since her acting debut back in 2015, Mariah Justice has been pushed right into the limelight. You might recognize her from her role in Miss Stevens, starring alongside stars like Timothee Chalament and Lili Reinhart. And now, she’s gearing up for upcoming role in the highly-anticipated film Don’t Worry Darling.

TheThings sat down with the talented actress about working with the star-studded cast, her dream co-stars, and the best advice she can give for aspiring performers.

Mariah Learned A Lot From Working With Harry Styles

The actor who she worked right alongside with, and has also been the face of promotion for the film, is none other than music superstar Harry Styles. And for Mariah, she was a major fan of him before they worked together.


“I think everyone and their mothers loved One Direction,” she jokes.

She also shared a funny behind the scenes moment that happened when they were filming on Harry’s 27th birthday.

“One of the shoot days was Harry’s birthday and crew members were wearing his merchandise. He didn’t notice until after the day was wrapped.”

Another star from the film that the young actress had a blast working alongside is none other than Marvel breakout-star Florence Pugh.

“Working with Flo and Harry was a great experience for me! I’m always learning and observing them as they do their thing inspires me to keep growing. They’re extremely talented people. I’ve watched Florence in Midsommar and Harry in Dunkirk before working with him on Don’t Worry Darling,” she adds.

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Mariah Teased A little Bit About Her Role In Don’t Worry Darling

We haven’t heard too much about the characters and plot of the highly anticipated movie, but luckily Mariah has got us covered. The So-Cal actress teased a little bit about her upcoming role.

Barbara is a housewife living in the 1950’s. She’s happy and lives life without a worry,” she reveals.

But that’s not all that this film has to offer.

“Barbara may be living in the 1950’s but whose to say others are not?”

Now we are more excited to see this movie!

We give Mariah and the rest of the cast major props for filming an entire film during a pandemic. For an entire year, no less! Yet, for the actress and theatre performer, it was definitely a challenge, but worth it in every way.

“Testing twice a day at Warner Bros and on location, quarantining in a hotel, wearing an N-95 mask while working all the way until you hear ‘rolling’ to ‘cut’; some people can tolerate that better than others. For me it wasn’t a big deal. I was focused on what I was there for, and ultimately I had a great time being a part of the film.”

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Here’s Everyone Mariah Justice Would Love To Star Alongside Next

Even though she has worked with some of the biggest stars currently in Hollywood, Mariah has quite the list of ideal next co-stars:

I have a never ending list of actors I would love to star alongside with! Hugh Jackman, Natalie Portman, JK Simmons, Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Ryan Reynolds, just to name a few. They’re exceedingly proficient, and I know they’d be so fun to work with.

The rising actress has gone from starring in indie works to working alongside Harry Styles in just a few short years. With that, she has a lot of advice to give to performers who are striving to do the same.

“To aspiring young actresses out there, take classes consistently, master being YOU, and know that you’re enough,” she advises.

Catch Mariah starring as ‘Barbara’ in Don’t Worry Darling, releasing in theaters on September 23rd!

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