MANHUNT: Queens Shooting, 3 People Were Injured And 1 Was Killed  

MANHUNT: Queens shooting, 3 people were injured and 1 was killed  , #MANHUNT #Queens #shooting #people #injured #killed Welcome to O L A S M E D I A TV N E W S, This is what we have for you today:

After a shooter opened fire at a party being held in a mechanic shop, one person was killed and three others were hurt. A MANHUNT of Queens shooting is now in progress. Around 9.40 p.m., when the shooter allegedly entered the store and started firing, the incident happened.

At the scene, one person was identified as dead. A male victim who was allegedly struck in the leg was another victim.

According to CBS, the other two victims, who were both women, had grazing wounds. All of them are anticipated to survive. The Queen shooting’s cause is yet unknown.

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In connection with the Queen Shooting, no one has been taken into custody. Authorities are still looking for a suspect. The auto repair shop is situated in the Richmond Hill section of Queens, at the intersection of 89th Avenue and 129th Street.

Kew Gardens, Woodhaven, and South Richmond Hill all encircle the wealthy neighborhood of Richmond Hill. The area is frequently described as being family-friendly because there are numerous parks and schools nearby.


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