Madonna Might Have A New Love Interest (And He’s 23)


Madonna engaged in PDA with a 23-year-old model in New York City, suggesting she’s moved on from her most recent ex.

Madonna‘s personal relationships have been a source of interest throughout her stardom, especially when she dated famous faces like John F. Kennedy Jr. and Sean Penn.

In April 2022, the news broke that had split from her boyfriend of three years. Ahlamalik Williams, who turned 28 in 2022, appeared frequently on Madonna’s Instagram over the years. Now, the 64-year-old is reportedly dating someone new, and he’s even younger than her most recent ex.

Madonna Posed (And Indulged In PDA) With A 23-Year-Old Model

As Page Six reported, Madonna was seen in New York City with a model named Andrew Darnell, who is 23. The couple reportedly got close during a concert and subsequent dinner at Mister French. Multiple sources report that the two were kissing and cuddling throughout the evening, though currently released photographic evidence only shows the cuddling.


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The two then took selfies, noted the onlooker, selfies that Madonna later posted to her Instagram, along with a couple of photos of her alone as well as posing with other men. Her caption for the string of photos was “hot boyzzz. club….”

Andrew is younger than Madonna’s daughter Lourdes, a point that does not appear to be an issue for Madonna or her fans on social media.

Despite the suggestion that Madonna and Andrew are dating, neither party seems to have confirmed the rumor. They also worked together recently, though the nature of that work had fans’ heads turning.

Madonna Kissed Andrew In A Photo Shoot For Paper Magazine

Page Six points out that Madonna and Andrew did work together in August, posing for Paper magazine. In the photo spread, Madonna and Andrew shared an open-mouthed kiss, among other intimate actions.

Madonna’s caption on social media for those images read “All in good taste.”

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At the moment, it’s unclear whether this string of public appearances means Andrew and Madonna are dating. However, Madonna has previously discussed her apparent habit of dating younger men by admitting, “I didn’t choose to, you know, I didn’t write down on a piece of paper, ‘I’m going to have a relationship with a younger man’.”

Hello! notes that Madonna has previously dated other 20-somethings in recent years, including a personal trainer, a French dancer, and a Brazilian model and DJ.