Love And Thunder’ Used To Make Natalie Portman Appear Bigger Next To Chris Hemsworth


Marvel’s Norse Thunder God Superhero, Thor had his fourth solo film Thor: Love and Thunder. This story shows the brawny blond hero like audiences has never seen him.Thor has a relatable existential crisis. Without spoiling the plot, familiar faces return like the Guardians of the Galaxy featuring Vin Diesel as Groot, Bradley Cooper as Rocket, and Taika Watiti voicing the hilarious Korg.

Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman also reprises her role as Thor’s love interest, Dr. Jane Foster. Tessa Thompson also returns as Valkyrie.


This familiar cast must face a tortured Christian Bale as Gorr the God Killer. Director Taika Waititi co-wrote the film with screenwriter Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. Taika wanted the film to explore romance and love. Naturally, Jane Foster, would play a central role in the film.

Natalie Portman Transformed Alongside Chris Hemsworth For Thor: Love And Thunder

Natalie Portman worked hard for her ‘God bod’. Portman confesses that giving her the height of Thor was clever production tricks. The 5’3 actress shrinks beside the brawny Hemsworth. However, she did not shy away from doing the hard work in the gym.

Portman was asked to get as big as possible for her transformation into the Mighty Thor. Portman is a vegan, but was still able to buff up for the role. By increasing her daily calorie intake and committing to a workout consisting of strength training and cardio, Natalie achieved a body worthy of an Asagardian warrior.

Insider details the exact vegan diet and workout. While the star only had four months to train, all reports show that she was absolutely dedicated to the process of transforming her body. It was important to those who oversaw her the actor’s health to ensure they included workouts that would allow her to achieve stunts and action safely. Having a strong core was crucial, so they included plenty of core exercises.

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Natalie Portman Used Some ‘Movie Magic’

It brought Portman joy to see fans respond to her transformation on social media. Natalie’s Viking god body is actually causing a few different conversations.

Portman and Vanity Fair did reveal that her height in the film was altered thanks to in Natalie’s words, ‘movie magic’. “She stood on an elevated ramp when she filmed her scenes next to the Asgardian warrior,” Vanity Fair stated.

Natalie expressed her sincere joy to depict a different kind of female superhero. She recounts that the only female superhero she had growing up was Wonder Woman. (No shade to Gal Gadot.) Portman believes that having a variety of female superheroes is important for kids.

However, Thor: Love and Thunder brings us the vulnerable and brilliant Jane Foster and the irreverent and fearless Valkyrie. Portman is hopes that young viewers can look and see a hero they can connect to. According to Portman, a wider variety of characters allows for kids to dream of more possibilities.

Natalie’s Portman’s transformation also sparked a debate if her arms were even real. It’s no secret that MCU uses CGI often. Christian Bale’s character, Gorr, wholly transformed the actor. Christian Bale, like Natalie Portman, is no stranger to transforming himself for a role, underwent a four-hour transformation daily to become the God Killer.

In a world filled wit magic, superpowers, aliens, gods, and futuristic technology, computer generated effects are to be expected. Marvel Studios does not skimp on their productions. The Marvel TV shows Captain America and the Winter Soldier, She-Hulk, and Loki even get cinematic movie treatment. So, it is not a leap for some viewers to belief that the buff Portman was, in fact, CGI. The debate rages across social media. It is interesting that Chris Hemsworth’s muscles are not on trial of being special effects. It would seem that very few viewers believe such muscle growth possible on a person as tiny as Natalie Portman.

Other viewers recall Natalie’s dedication in Black Swan and completely believe she could bulk up in that time frame. The actress is known for her mental fortitude. The fans seem to have her back in the case.

Another conversation spirals around the effects of heavy lifting and how some women regret bulking up. The flip side of the conversation is how fitness professionals are seeing an influx of women who desire to strength train instead of chasing thin lithe bodies. Portman’s Thor actually represents a small population of early 40s women, like Portman, who seek to move their bodies to the stronger side.

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The Truth About Natalie Portman’s Thor Diet and Exercise

Natalie Portman consulted a doctor and professionals when it came to learning the best course of action for her transformation. Everyone is different so, it should come as no surprise that starting any fitness journey begins with a trip to the doctor. Often, injuries and setbacks can be avoided with a thorough and complete check up with a professional. Furthermore, finding a nutritionist and trainer to guide your journey may also help novices avoid diet snafus or training errors.

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Portman underwent a metabolic test that allowed her trainers to know exactly how many calories to add to her diet to increase her muscle mass. Since Portman is a vegan, they ensured that diet was vegan friendly, of course. In fact, Portman’s diet was not only vegan friendly, but full of down to earth ingredients.

Her meals included cheap and easy ingredients like oats, berries, plant based protein shakes, falafel and vegan curry. Even omnivores can appreciate these ingredients. Nearly, everyone can adopt this nutritious diet.

While it’s no secret Portman lifted weights and did some serious core work, those looking to mimic the workout should not forget the boxing and skipping added for cardio. The entire workout and diet is here.